Does Walmart Sell Stamps? Where to Buy Stamps at Walmart

Want to know where to buy stamps at Walmart? Walmart sells stamps in its stores at the Walmart MoneyCenter or customer service desk and online. For more information on buying stamps at Walmart, see below.

Where to Buy Stamps at Walmart

Walmart sells postage stamps in stores and online, a corporate customer service representative said. Most Walmart Supercenters have MoneyCenters at the front of the store where you can buy money orders, cash checks, and purchase stamps. Postage stamps are typically available in books of 20 stamps. The current price for a book of 20 “forever” stamps is $11. The MoneyCenter accepts all standard forms of payment, including cash, credit, and debit cards. If your nearest Walmart does not have a MoneyCenter, stamps are sold at the customer service desk — also located near the front of the store.

We contacted Walmart stores in Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Vermont, and Washington to confirm this information. All of the stores we called said stamps are available at the Walmart MoneyCenter. You can search for a Walmart MoneyCenter by using the Walmart store locator and filtering for “money services.”

Walmart also has a wide selection of stamps available online. You can buy souvenir stamps, postcard stamps, and a coil of 100 stamps. Not all stamps are sold directly by Walmart; most stamps for sale online are sold by third-party retailers. (For more information on third-party retailers, see our article.)

In Summary

Walmart sells stamps in stores and online. In stores, you can purchase stamps from the MoneyCenter or customer service desk. Stamps are typically available in books of 20 stamps. For more information on where to buy stamps near you and where to buy stamps on a Sunday, see our related articles.

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