Where to Find Castor Oil in Grocery Stores: Availability & Aisles Explained

Castor oil

Short Answer

Grocery stores typically shelve castor oil in either the health and wellness or beauty section. Castor oil has many uses, including as a hair product, skincare product, health supplement, and more.

Where to Find Castor Oil in Grocery Stores

You can typically find castor oil in either the health section or the beauty section of your local grocery store or big-box retailer.

Castor oil has a wide range of uses, and various brands market the product differently. For example, some brands sell castor oil as a wellness product with benefits as a laxative and wound-healing ointment; these brands will most likely be found in one of the health or personal care aisles near the pharmacy (if your local store has one). Look for castor oil near the other oils and supplements.

Other uses for castor oil include as a hair growth product and moisturizer. Castor oil from brands like Shea Moisture and Hollywood Beauty can be found in one of the beauty and cosmetics aisles.

For information on where you can find castor oil in Walmart, Target, and other stores, we contacted several locations of each chain and asked whether or not the store typically sells castor oil and where it’s shelved. Our findings are listed below.

Note: This list includes common aisle numbers to give you an idea of where to look, but, for the exact aisle number in your store, ask a store associate or check the store’s website or app for availability and location information.


  • What Kroger sells: Hair products; select locations also sell Jamaican black castor oil
  • Department: Beauty/Personal Care
  • Typical aisle(s): 11, 15 23, 31


  • What Target sells: Jamaican black castor oil and castor oil-based hair products
  • Department: Beauty
  • Typical aisle(s): A7, A12, A14, A35


  • What Walmart sells: Pure castor oil, organic castor oil, and castor oil-based beauty products
  • Department: Cosmetics, Health & Wellness
  • Typical aisle(s): B7, G7, G14, G19, G27, H15

Whole Foods

  • What Whole Foods sells: Pure castor oil, organic castor oil (at select locations)
  • Department: Health and Beauty
  • Typical aisle(s): Where available, you can find castor oil in one of the “Whole Body” aisles.

Stores That Don’t Sell Castor Oil

During our research, we found that the following stores do not sell castor oil:

  • Costco Wholesale
  • Sam’s Club

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