Where Can You Use Your Fingerhut Advantage Credit Account? Answered

Woman using a laptop to shop with her Fingerhut credit account

Short Answer

 The Fingerhut Advantage Credit Account generally works as a closed-loop credit card, meaning you can only use it at Fingerhut. However, as an account holder, you will receive special offers from Fingerhut’s partners; if you accept one of these offers, you can use the Fingerhut Advantage Credit Account to pay. For more information on using the Fingerhut Advantage Credit Account, see below.

Where Can I Use My Fingerhut Advantage Credit Account?

You can use the Fingerhut Advantage Credit Account to purchase Fingerhut catalog items online or by phone, as well as occasional additional offers from its select partners, corporate customer service representatives told us.

The Fingerhut Advantage account operates as a “closed-loop” account, meaning it is not like a Mastercard or Visa credit card. Except for specific Fingerhut partners, you usually can only use Fingerhut Advantage for Fingerhut purchases. You cannot use it at any store that accepts credit cards, such as Target or Walmart.

How to Use Fingerhut Advantage for Other Purchases

Once you open a Fingerhut Advantage Credit Account, you will receive ads for partner offers along with your monthly statement. If you choose to purchase any of these offers, you can use your Fingerhut Advantage Credit Account number to do so.

Note that you must still abide by your regular Fingerhut Advantage credit limit; you do not have a separate limit for third-party purchases. (See our related research for information about increasing your Fingerhut Advantage credit limit.)

Available Offers

The available offers change regularly and may include discounts from online florists, insurance companies, and other companies that partner with Fingerhut. For example, Fingerhut has a long-standing partnership with Teleflora florists; Fingerhut account holders can pay for Teleflora purchases with Fingerhut Advantage.


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