Who Buys Used Appliances? Answered

Used refrigerator and stove in a kitchen

There are no national stores that buy used appliances outright.

However, you can sell your used appliances for cash through an online marketplace or to a local business, and some national chains like Best Buy and The Home Depot will haul away your old appliances.

You might also want to consider donating your devices if you’re unable to sell them.

For more information about your options for getting rid of old appliances, see below.

How to Sell or Recycle Used Appliances for Cash

Some major chain stores will pick up your used appliances for little to no cost, but they won’t pay you for your appliances.

If you’re looking to swap your used washers, dryers, refrigerators, or other appliances for cash, you’ll need to find a local company that buys them or go online.

We explain your options in greater detail below.

Selling/Recycling Online

Selling your unwanted appliances online can help you reach a wider number of potential buyers and negotiate the best price.

You can post auctions or classified ads for your appliances on the following sites:

Facebook Marketplace

  • Selling fees: None[1]
  • How you get paid: Negotiable between seller and buyer; usually cash, check, money order, or PayPal[2]
  • Create a listing


  • Selling fees: None unless you ship the item or use Promote or PromotePlus to promote your listing[3]
  • How you get paid: OfferUp recommends cash for local sales and will transfer funds to your deposit account if you ship the item[4][5]
  • Create a listing


  • Selling fees: None[6]
  • How you get paid: Negotiable between seller and buyer; may include cash or check[7]
  • Create a listing


  • Selling fees: 10% of the final value plus 2% for heavy equipment; insertion fees of less than $1 also apply if you make more than 200 listings per month[8]
  • How you get paid: PayPal[9]
  • Create a listing

When selling online, remember to include good-quality photos and a well-written, honest description of your item(s). Note any repairs that need doing and whether or not the appliance is in working order.

You should also include details about the unit’s model and age, whether you’d prefer pick up/drop off or shipment, the price you wish to sell it for, and whether you’re willing to negotiate.

If the item doesn’t sell within a few days or by the time the listing expires, you can relist it.

Note that Craigslist also includes a “Wanted” section where you can find and contact people who are looking for the type of item you’re selling.

Finding Local Stores

Local stores may be willing to buy your used appliances and then repair or refurbish them and resell them for a profit.

Use the following sites to find stores in your area that may accept your devices:

Use terms like “used appliance” to find potential buyers in your area. You can also use a general search engine like Google and look up phrases like “[type of appliance] pick up for cash” or “who buys appliances near me.”

If you have no luck finding a buyer through these methods, consider placing an ad on a local newspaper’s classified site/page, a community news board, or at your local library.

Be sure to call around to several stores or buyers to find the best price before choosing a place.

Companies That Take Away Old Appliances

While no major chain stores will buy your used appliances, some companies will haul them away for little to no additional cost — often with the purchase of a new machine.

We list the companies that will help you get rid of your used appliances below:


  • Accepts: Appliances of all types[10]
  • Requirements: Your appliance must be liftable by two people and can’t include any hazardous materials[10]
  • Cost: Varies; the truck team will provide you with a quote when they arrive to pick up your item[10]

Best Buy

  • Accepts: Cooktops, dishwashers, dryers, freezers, ice makers, microwaves, stoves, refrigerators, wall ovens, washers, and more[11]
  • Requirements: None; Best Buy offers haul-away options with or without the purchase of a new appliance[11]
  • Cost:
    • Free for small items like vacuums that you can drop off at the store[11]
    • About $25 for large appliances with the delivery of a replacement[11]
    • About $100 for a stand-alone pickup without the delivery of a replacement[11]


  • Accepts: Refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, stoves/ranges, ovens, built-in microwaves, grills, patio furniture, and projection TVs[12]
  • Requirements: Must purchase installation service for a new machine; the installer will haul away your old machine. You should also unhook the old appliance, so it’s ready to move when the installer arrives.[12]
  • Cost: Free[12]

The Home Depot

  • Accepts: Most home appliances including refrigerators, ranges, washers, and dryers[13]
  • Requirements: Must purchase a new appliance of the same type[13]
  • Cost: Varies by location; usually around $15 to $20[14]


  • Accepts: Most large appliances including refrigerators, ranges, washers, and dryers[15]
  • Requirements: Must purchase a new appliance of the same type[15]
  • Cost: Free for Lowe’s Pro customers; fees vary by item for non-Pro customers but are usually around $30[15]


  • Accepts: Any large item, with the exception of commercial-grade and installed appliances[16]
  • Requirements: Must purchase a new appliance of the same type[16]
  • Cost: Varies by location[16]

Where to Donate Used Appliances

If you’re unable to sell your used appliances and they’re still in working condition, you might want to consider donating them to help someone in need.

The following national non-profits will take your old appliances and resell them:

The Salvation Army

  • Accepts: Working air conditioners, dryers, washers, stoves, freezers, refrigerators, microwaves, and more[17]
  • Offers haul away service? Yes, free of charge[18]

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

  • Accepts: Varies by location; usually gently used appliances[19]
  • Offers haul away service? Yes, at many locations[19]


  • Accepts: Varies by location; some only accept small appliances[20][21]
  • Offers haul away service? Yes, at most locations for large items that would be difficult to transport on your own[22]
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  • Jennifer

    I have an upright freezer in excellent condition…works perfectly am downsizing house t move. freezer is always empty need to sell it.absolutly nothing wrong with it…..running right now. plls call

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Laura Bachmann

      Hi Jennifer,

      I would advise posting about your freezer, along with a couple good pictures, on your local Craigslist or Facebook buy, sell, trade group. Either of these will go a good job of getting the word out to nearby, potential buyers. Good luck!

  • Cheri

    LG Front Load Washer. $200 Graphite steel. Needs bearings replaced.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Laura Bachmann

      Hi Cheri,

      I recommend posting the info about your washer on Craigslist or in your local classifieds. Many cities and towns also have local buy, sell, and trade groups on Facebook, which can be another good place to sell used appliances. Advertise in multiple outlets and be sure to include photos in order to get the best price for your washer!

  • Carlos Herron

    I have a wireless printer up load paperwork pictures. .just like. New. .an a small refrigerator for a bedroom. …

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Carlos,

      A wireless printer or a small refrigerator are both items that could sell well on Craigslist or eBay (you can set the Pickup Only option so you don’t have to worry about shipping). If they’re both in good condition, you probably want to avoid selling for scrap — but if you aren’t as concerned with making money off of them, you could always donate them to the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or another local thrift store. Good luck with your items!

  • Diana Yoskowitz

    Can you tell me of an organization that accepts used dishwashers? I live in Wenonah, NJ 08090. Thanks.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Diana,

      It looks like 1-800-GOTJUNK could be a great option for you. I tested your zip code in the appointment booking field and it looks like your town is in the service area. Here’s the New Jersey page of the 1-800-GOTJUNK website. There will be a fee for pickup, but this seems to be the only organization local to your area (that wasn’t part of a one-for-one delivery/haul away program). I hope this helps!

  • jules rosen

    Suggestion, there are many Thrift shops in our area run by religious organizations, many want your working appliances . Will haul for free and give you a tax receipt ….

    • Teanisha Hopper

      How much do they give u because I not to long got it and have not use it at all because my landlord said I can’t so it’s just sitting here.

      • jules rosen


    • Surinder khosla

      I I have fridge, oven and dish washer in good running condition . Any body interested can have it free.

      • Jo

        I need a refrigerator but no money . My refrigerator broke so we can not cool our food. If u can help me and my family please let us know. Thank yoyjo

        • First Quarter Finance logo
          First Quarter Finance | Rebecca Turley

          Hi Jo,

          I highly recommend going on Craigslist. There are many people who simply want to give their older appliances to someone who needs them and can pick them up. Best of luck!

  • Carmen Bermudez

    Home Depot does not haul old appliance for free. I just bought a washer from them and they wanted $15.00 to take the old one out. Just wanted to let you know that is not free.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | William Lipovsky

      Just now replying to this though the post was updated soon after you left your comment. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’ve dug deeper and updated our findings.

      • Alice M.

        Just bought a washer at Lowe’s today. They charge $15 to haul away the old one.

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