Who Does Penn Credit Collect For? Penn Credit Debt Collection Explained

Penn Credit is an established, third-party debt collection agency. We were unable to obtain a list of Penn Credit’s clients, but we did find out that the company works with the government, health care, education, utilities, and telecommunications industries. For more details of Penn Credit’s collection services, see below.

Who Does Penn Credit Collect For?

Many companies use third-party debt collection agencies like Penn Credit. Penn Credit is a Better Business Bureau-accredited collection agency and has been collecting outstanding debts for its clients since 1987.

So, who are Penn Credit’s clients? Our requests for a list of Penn Credit’s clients went unanswered, and the information is not readily available anywhere on Penn Credit’s website or elsewhere on the internet. However, we did find out that┬áPenn Credit collects for the government, health care, education, utilities, and telecommunications markets, according to its website.

If you were recently contacted by Penn Credit, the agent should have told you the company it was calling on behalf of. However, this doesn’t always happen and depends on the debt collection tactic used. (We will discuss debt collection tactics later.) If you want to verify that Penn Credit is contacting you about a valid debt, you’ll need to contact Penn Credit directly.

What You Need to Know About Debt Collectors

Penn Credit is a collection agency, and, as such, will often employ harassing tactics in its attempt to collect the debt owed. As a result, the company has poor reviews and some claim Penn Credit has attempted to collect a debt that wasn’t legitimately owed.

If you feel that Penn Credit has contacted you about a debt you don’t owe, you can relay your concerns to the Penn Credit agent. Keep in mind, if you ignore Penn Credit’s calls, it can and will report your unpaid debt to the credit bureaus, according to its website FAQs. A report like this can negatively impact your credit score, even if it turns out to be an error.

In Summary

Penn Credit is a third-party debt collection agency that works with the government, health care, education, utilities, and telecommunication markets. Penn Credit is a legitimate debt collection company. As such, if you ignore its attempts to collect on a debt, Penn Credit may send your information to the credit bureaus. Contact Penn Credit directly with any questions about your debt.

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