Who Makes Restoration Hardware Furniture? Solved

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Short Answer

Much of Restoration Hardware’s furniture is manufactured in China, but the company also works with other manufacturers and stylists around the world, including Australia, India, Indonesia, and the U.S.

Who Makes Restoration Hardware Furniture?

Restoration Hardware (also known as RH) is based in California, but its furniture is manufactured in several international locations. We contacted Restoration Hardware service and sales representatives for information about its manufacturing sources.

Its primary manufacturers are located in China, India, and Indonesia, representatives said. While Restoration Hardware occasionally manufactures in the U.S., most of its furniture production is outsourced overseas to reduce costs.

Restoration Hardware announced in 2018 that 35% of its product was sourced from China. The company anticipated that number to drop to between 25% and 30% in 2019 but has not yet confirmed whether it achieved that goal at the time of this writing.

In addition to major manufacturers in China, Restoration Hardware works with various manufacturers and stylists across the globe to curate its seasonal designs and special collections.

For example, it works with:

When the company is not working with artisans or manufacturers to create products, it also retails products from other furniture companies, such as the British leather furniture company Timothy Oulton.

Restoration Hardware Furniture Quality

Positive reviews of Restoration Hardware furniture typically highlight the pleasing design or timely shipping of products.

Customers also point out that Restoration Hardware is generally good about allowing refunds or returns after light use or when furniture you purchase does not look like it did in the catalog or online.

However, the average rating for Restoration Hardware is 1.5 stars on Consumer Affairs. The consensus is that items look elegant and have great design but can have inconsistent manufacturing quality and may break easily with normal wear and tear.

Customers also note poor customer service when requesting re-shipment or replacement for broken items.

Wondering how Restoration Hardware compares to other furniture stores? See our review of Pottery Barn’s furniture quality.

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