Whole Foods Money Order Policy Explained (Buying & Cashing)

Whole Foods Market does not sell or cash money orders. There are, however, plenty of other grocery store chains that do; we have the lists below.

Whole Foods Money Order Policy

It’s not possible to buy a money order at Whole Foods Market, and the grocery store chain doesn’t cash money orders either, customer service said. Whole Foods is a supermarket chain that calls itself “America’s Healthiest Grocery Store.” Whole Foods has more than 400 store locations in the U.S. and the U.K.

Money orders are a safe way to send money without a checking account — or if you prefer not to send a check for privacy concerns or other reasons. Money orders are also a secure way to receive payment, as they are paid for up front. To find out where to cash a money order, see our articles: 50+ Places That Sell Money Orders and Where to Cash a Money Order.