Will CarMax Buy a Car With a Bad Transmission? Answered

Will CarMax buy a car with a bad transmission? CarMax buys cars in all sorts of conditions — including those with bad transmissions. And, while the company’s main selling point is that it makes the automotive-buying process easy with no-haggle pricing, it also caters to sells by claiming to buy “all the cars.”

Will CarMax Buy a Car With a Bad Transmission?

CarMax will buy a car with a bad transmission — or any other sort of deficiency. In fact, one of its online ads includes the tagline: “We Buy All the Cars.”

We contacted the Boynton Beach, Fla., CarMax location and learned that the company will even buy vehicles with a salvage title. (A salvage title typically indicates that a car has lost anywhere from 75 to 90% of its value at some point, due to an accident, a natural disaster, theft, etc.)

However, this doesn’t mean you’ll find cars with extensive damage on CarMax’s retail lots. These vehicles are typically sold at dealer auctions, where the various deficiencies are disclosed prior to purchase.

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What Is the CarMax Selling Process Like?

In order to sell your car to CarMax, you will first need to schedule an appraisal by contacting your nearest CarMax location or by filling out a seller’s form on CarMax’s website. Make sure to gather your automobile’s title or payoff record, current registration, photo ID, and all keys before you head out.

Various consumer reports say that CarMax appraisals often come in slightly below Kelley Blue Book Value, although not always. The company says that it takes into account a car’s current market desirability, its own inspection, a test drive, and a vehicle’s history report when making an offer.

Keep in mind, minor cosmetic touchups don’t really factor into CarMax’s valuation.

“Getting last-minute maintenance or a thorough cosmetic detailing may help your car make a positive first impression on potential private buyers. To our appraisal team, however, the long-term maintenance and care of your car is what’s most important in determining our appraisal offer.”

In Summary

CarMax will buy a vehicle with a bad transmission or another major defect. It won’t necessarily put it on one of its retail lots though; instead, it will likely sell it at a dealer auction. CarMax appraisal offers may come in lower than Kelley Blue Book, consumer report, but the company says the most important factor in how it values your vehicle is the long-term maintenance and care of your car.

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