What Is First Quarter Finance (FQF)?

FQF is a leading holistic personal finance website that has been featured in Money Magazine, Lifehacker (both the US and UK editions), The Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail, Yahoo! Finance, Zillow, Military.com, and elsewhere. New articles published daily.

Why Is It Called First Quarter Finance?

Our work is just the first quarter. The rest comes from you, our readers. If you have a question about an article, leave a comment, we’ll quickly answer it and update the article with the new information. If you have a question we have yet to cover, simply ask. Together, we are able to produce the most accurate and actionable personal finance content on the Internet.

Why Is First Quarter Finance Credible?

We’re smart and we’re proven. Our team of contributors consists of Fulbright scholars, honors cum laude graduates, and MBAs.

We have experience writing in cooperation with Fortune 500 companies, governments, and peer-reviewed journals.

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