The Learning Experience Tuition Rates

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Short Answer — The Learning Experience’s tuition prices vary by location, your child’s age, and the program schedule but generally range from $880 to $1,560 per month. It also charges a registration fee and may offer extended hours or summer camp options for an added cost.

The Learning Experience Tuition Costs

The Learning Experience’s tuition costs are determined by your location, the age of your child, and your chosen care schedule.[1]

The table below provides a general price range, listed by age and schedule.

We gathered quotes from representatives in Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arizona to compile these tuition ranges.

Program Part-Time Tuition Range Full-Time Tuition Range
Infant (Six weeks to one year) Not available $1,340 to $1,560 per month
Toddler (One to two years) $1,115 to $1,270 per month $1,340 to $1,410 per month
Twaddler and Prepper (Two to three years) $1,010 to $1,200 per month $1,200 to $1,400 per month
Preschool and Kindergarten (Three to five years) $880 to $1,150 per month $1,040 to $1,275 per month
Summer Camp (Five years and up) Not available $940 to $1,100 per month
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Keep in mind that each location sets its own age limit for summer camp, so a school-aged child may be eligible to enroll at one Learning Experience location, but not another.[1]

Additional Costs

In addition to tuition, there are other costs associated with enrolling a child at The Learning Experience. We outline them below.

Registration Fees

You can expect to pay a registration fee of about $150 to $250 per child annually.[1]

Extended Hours

Many locations offer extended morning and/or afternoon hours for an added cost. This generally ranges from around $75 to $100 per month.[1]

Summer Camp Activities

Some locations require an enrollment fee of around $100 to attend summer camp.[1]

There may also be a one-time fee of $200 to help cover summer camp materials and activities.[1]

Savings and Discounts

You may be eligible to receive a discount on tuition, depending on your location and your family’s circumstances.

Here are a few options to consider:

  • Corporate discounts: The Learning Experience partners with several companies to offer employees a 10% discount on tuition.[2][3] You can check to see if your employer is a partner by searching The Learning Experience’s list of participating companies.[4]
  • Multiple child discounts: Most locations we spoke with offer 10% off tuition for your oldest child when you enroll more than one.[1]
  • Military discounts: Some locations offer a 10% discount on tuition prices if you’re an active duty military member.[1]

Payment Methods and Schedule

Each The Learning Experience location sets its own payment schedule and available payment methods.[1]

Payment schedules may include weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly options.[1]

Very few centers we contacted will accept cash or check. Most prefer ACH payments,[1] which are electronic fund transfers directly from your bank account.[5]

Price Comparison

To compare The Learning Experience’s rates with other schools, see our research on the tuition and fees at Everbrook Academy, Primrose Schools, Gardner Schools, Bright Horizons, La Petite Academy, and Goddard Schools.

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