Bright Horizons Tuition Cost: Daycare, Preschool Rates & Fees Explained

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Short Answer

Bright Horizons’ tuition rates vary by location, your child’s age, and your child’s care schedule. On average, infant care costs about $1,900 per month, toddler care costs about $1,800 per month, and pre-kindergarten classes cost about $1,500 per month on a full-time schedule. For more information on how much Bright Horizons costs, see below.

How Much Is Bright Horizons? Tuition Rates Explained

Bright Horizons offers age-specific programs for infants through pre-kindergarten, as well as after-school programs and summer camps for children up to age 12. It also operates Montessori-style schools for up to fifth grade.

Tuition at Bright Horizons varies based on several factors, including:[1]

  • The individual center’s fees
  • The child’s age
  • The child’s care schedule (full-time, part-time, or drop-in)
  • The individual classroom; some classrooms feature additional programs and/or activities at a cost

Bright Horizons doesn’t post tuition rates on its website. Instead, the company recommends that you contact or visit your local Bright Horizons center to discuss your options.

We contacted Bright Horizons centers in and near seven major U.S. cities, including Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, and St. Louis, to determine how much you can expect to pay in tuition.

Several of the locations we called were unwilling to provide tuition details over the phone, but others provided quotes.

We also researched price reports from parents with children currently enrolled in Bright Horizons programs.

Tuition Rates by Age Group

In the table below, we’ve listed average price ranges by age group based on our research.

Included are the approximate tuition costs for infant care, toddler care, and preschool; we were unable to gather pricing for Bright Horizons summer camps and Montessori schools.

Keep in mind that every location is different, so it’s still best to contact the center you’re interested in for specific pricing and program information.

Age Group Available Schedules Full-Time Tuition Range (Monthly) Average Full-Time Cost (Monthly) Part-Time Tuition Range (Monthly) Average Part-Time Cost (Monthly)
Infants Five, three or two days per week $1,500 to $3,000 $1,900 $700 to $1,500 $1,000
Two-Year-Olds Five, three, or two days per week $1,200 to $1,500 $1,300 $650 to $900 $750
Toddlers Five, three, or two days per week; some centers offer half days $1,500 to $2,800 $1,800 $750 to $1,500 $1,100
Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Five days per week; some centers offer half-day care or two- and three-day schedules $1,100 to $2,000 $1,500 $600 to $1,400 $800

For more information on childcare costs, see our article on the average daycare costs per week by state and age group.

For options other than Bright Horizons, we have information on La Petite Academy’s tuition costs and tuition at The Goddard School.

Additional Costs at Bright Horizons

Though tuition plans vary by school and class, as discussed above, additional charges you may pay at Bright Horizons include the following:


Tuition includes supervised outdoor play and the basic, daily classroom curriculum.

However, some Bright Horizons classrooms offer special activities like field trips, which the base tuition amount does not include.

Fees vary significantly by event and location, ranging from as little as $4 to $20 or more per activity.[2]


Full-time Bright Horizons tuition typically includes either family-style meals cooked by on-site chefs or two daily snacks at no additional cost. None of the locations we contacted said that they sell meal plans.[2]

Vegetarian and allergen-free options are available, and parents will receive the menu ahead of time.

However, if your local childcare center does not offer meal service or you don’t approve of the menu options, you may also budget for and provide your child’s meals and snacks.[3]

Bright Horizons also requires that parents provide breast milk or formula for infants who are not yet eating solid foods.[4]

Registration Fees

Registration fees vary by location and are non-refundable. The centers we contacted quoted charges ranging from around $75 to $150 per child.

Bright Horizons requires you to register your child(ren) annually, so you’ll pay this fee each year.


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      Hello, Dimitra! Yes, we are based in the U.S., and our article reflects the tuition prices for U.S. childcare centers.

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