Cadence Academy Tuition Costs (Preschool, etc)

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Short Answer — Cadence Academy tuition rates generally range from about $130 to $375 per week but vary by your child’s age, location, and whether you choose part-time or full-time care. Additional costs may include a registration fee, deposit, security fee, and/or curriculum fee.

Cadence Academy Tuition Costs

Cadence Academy’s tuition prices depend on your location, childcare schedule (part-time or full-time), and your child’s age.[1][2]

The table below details the price range you can expect to pay at Cadence Academy, listed by age group and schedule.

The school doesn’t post tuition rates online. However, we gathered quotes from Cadence Academy locations in Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia, Texas, and Washington to get a general idea of what you can expect to pay when enrolling your child.

Program Part-Time Tuition Range Full-Time Tuition Range
Infant (Six weeks to 12 months) Not available $225 to $375 per week
Toddler (13 months to three years) $160 to $350 per week $220 to $375 per week
Preschool (Three to four years) $130 to to $350 per week $210 to $375 per week
Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Club (Four to five years) $130 to $240 per week $210 to $300 per week
Private Kindergarten (Five to six years) $130 to $240 per week $200 to $285 per week
Elementary School and Summer Camp (Five to 12 years) Not available $160 to $260 per week
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Keep in mind that the exact age limits for each program may vary by location, and not all programs are available at every location.[1]

Additional Costs

In addition to tuition, there are other costs to consider when enrolling a child at Cadence Academy.

These include the following:

Registration Fees

Annual registration fees range from $85 to $125.[1]

Some locations offer discounted fees of $150 total when enrolling more than one child.[1]


Some Cadence Academy locations require a deposit of two weeks’ tuition when enrolling your child.[1]

You may also be required to put a week of tuition down as a deposit to hold your child’s spot if they’re put on a waitlist.[1]

Security Fees

Several locations told us they charge a one-time fee of $10 for a secure PIN, which will grant you and your child access to the building.[1]

Curriculum Fees

You may pay an annual material or curriculum fee of $70 to $300 per child.[1]

This covers educational supplies, such as workbooks, reading material, and writing utensils.[1]

Additional Programs

Many locations have before- and after-school programs for school-aged children. Prices range from $70 to $105 per week, depending on your location.[1]

Some centers also offer optional summer camp activities for an added cost.[1]

For example, one location we contacted allows parents to choose which summer activities their child will attend and pay the fees separately, or pay a $120 flat fee to take part in all summer activities.[1]

Savings and Discounts

Your family may be eligible for a discount or tax credit regarding your child’s tuition.

Here are a few options we found during the course of our research:

  • Employer discount: You can receive a discount on tuition if your employer is a partner of Cadence Education.[3][1]
  • Multiple child discount: Many of the academies we spoke with offer 10% off tuition for the oldest child when you enroll more than one.[1]
  • Parent referral program: Cadence Academy will credit $100 toward your child’s tuition for every referral you make that leads to a new enrollment.[4]
  • Child and Dependant Care Tax Credit: Those who meet income requirements may be eligible to receive up to a 50% tax credit for childcare costs.[5]

Payment Methods and Schedule

Payments are due on a weekly basis.[1]

Cadence Academy will only accept payment online through the School Care Works Payment Portal.[6] No locations accept cash or checks.[1]

Price Comparison

To compare Cadence Academy’s rates with comparable schools, see our research on the tuition and fees at Everbrook Academy, Primrose Schools, Gardner Schools, Bright Horizons, La Petite Academy, and Goddard Schools.

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