La Petite Academy Tuition Costs: Price Range, Flex Care Details Included

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Short Answer

The average full-time tuition cost at La Petite Academy is about $300 per week for infants and $200 per week for toddlers and preschoolers. Part-time tuition costs about $50 per day. For more details on La Petite Academy tuition, see below.

La Petite Academy Tuition Cost

Full-time tuition costs at La Petite Academy range from about $180 to $320 per week, depending on the age of the child and the school’s location.[1]

We confirmed this information by gathering price quotes from several La Petite Academy locations across the U.S.

Full-time tuition includes meals, snacks, and educational programming. For infants, diapers and wipes are typically included, too.[1]

You’ll need to pay a separate registration fee (usually around $50 to $60) when you enroll.[1]

The school offers a 10% discount for siblings, and there are corporate discounts available through some employers. To find out if your company is a corporate partner, you’ll need to speak with the director at your local school.[1][2]

Full-Time Cost by Age Group

Infants and children who are still in diapers are at the higher end of the price range, with full-time care for infants generally costing $300 to $320 per week.

For toddlers and preschool-age children, full-time tuition ranges from about $180 to $240 per week.[1]

These rates are roughly the same as Childtime, La Petite Academy’s sister schools.[3]

Part-Time Tuition Cost

As with full-time tuition, part-time tuition costs at La Petite Academy vary by location and age. In general, part-time care is about $40 to $65 per day.[1]

Flex Care

La Petite Academy has a Flex Care program that allows you to drop off your child only when you need child care, such as on school holidays.[4]

You can purchase prepaid cards good for five days of child care at La Petite Academy.[1] Prepaid Flex Care cards cost the same as a week’s tuition, which ranges from $180 to $320.

More Information About Childcare Costs

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