11 Gas Stations That Do Money Orders (Fees, Limits, etc Shown)

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Some gas stations sell money orders, but gas stations typically do not cash money orders.

Below, we list the gas stations where you can get a money order. We contacted locations across the U.S. to confirm money order availability and policy details.

What We Recommend

You can purchase money orders up to $500 for $1 each at Circle K, Kwik Trip, Minit Mart, and Turkey Hill.

These gas stations offer the lowest flat fee you’ll find, but keep in mind that stores that charge a percentage of the money order amount (like 7-Eleven and Stripes) may have the lowest fees if the money order amount you need is relatively low.

QuikTrip is the best option if you need an amount greater than $500, as it will sell money orders for up to $950.

If you need a larger amount than $500 but aren’t local to a QuikTrip, purchasing multiple money orders to equal the amount you need may be an option if you don’t mind paying multiple money order fees.

Comparison Table

Compare your gas station money order options in the following table. You can scroll past the table or select each company’s name to find more details in the list below.

Gas Station Fee Limit ID Required?
7-Eleven$1 to $5 $500 No
Kwik Trip$2 per $500 $1,000 No
QuikTrip$1.50 per $300 $950 No
Royal Farms$2 $2000 Yes
Speedway$1.60 $500 No
Stripes$1.40 $500 per money order; $1,000 per day No
Turkey Hill$1.50 $1,500 No
Valero$1.50 $300 to $500 per money order; $1,000 per day Only if purchasing $1,000; not for less than $1,000
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The List

We contacted the following gas stations throughout the U.S. to confirm that they sell money orders; however, keep in mind that money order availability may vary by location.

Since the best option for you will depend partially on which option is nearby, we’ve listed them alphabetically.

Note that none of the gas stations we spoke with cash money orders.

Circle K logo

1. Circle K

Our related research has the details on Circle K money orders.

2. Kwik Trip

Find out more about the policy details of Kwik Trip money orders.

Minit Mart logo

3. Minit Mart

QuikTrip logo

4. QuikTrip

See our dedicated research on QuikTrip money orders.

RaceTrac logo

5. RaceTrac

Royal Farms logo

6. Royal Farms

Our previous research has the Royal Farms money order details.

7 Eleven logo

7. 7-Eleven

  • Issuer: Western Union or MoneyGram[7]
  • Fees: 1% to 3% of money order amount[7]
  • Limits: $500[7]
  • ID required? No[7]
  • Payment method: Cash[7]
  • Find a 7-Eleven

Our previous research features all the 7-Eleven money order details.

Speedway logo

8. Speedway

Our previous research details Speedway money orders.

Stripes logo

9. Stripes

Turkey Hill logo

10. Turkey Hill

Valero logo

11. Valero

Gas Stations That Don’t Sell Money Orders

In the course of our research, we found that the following gas stations do not sell money orders:

If your usual gas station doesn’t offer money orders, we have a roundup of other options local to most (such as grocery stores).

  1. Circle K customer service (800) 649-0895[][][][][]
  2. Kwik Trip customer service (608) 781-8950[][][][][]
  3. Minit Mart customer service (800) 225-9702[][][][][]
  4. QuikTrip customer service (918) 615-7700[][][][][]
  5. RaceTrac customer service (888) 636-5589[][][][][]
  6. Royal Farms customer service (410) 889-0200[][][][][]
  7. 7-Eleven customer service (800) 255-0711[][][][][]
  8. Speedway customer service (800) 643-1948[][][][][]
  9. Stripes customer service (800) 255-0711[][][][][]
  10. Turkey Hill customer service (717) 397-2186[][][][][]
  11. Valero customer service (210) 345-2000[][][][][]

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