Kwik Trip Money Order Policy Detailed: Limits, Fees, etc

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Short Answer — Kwik Trip sells money orders but doesn’t cash them. You can get a MoneyGram money order for up to $500, with a fee of $0.99 per money order.

Kwik Trip Money Order Policy

Kwik Trip sells MoneyGram money orders in amounts up to $500 for a $0.99 fee, according to our communications with the company.

There is a maximum limit of two $500 money orders per person and the only accepted payment method is cash, the representative said.

Kwik Trip does not cash money orders at any of its convenience store locations.

Money orders a secure payment method for a specific sum of money. You do not need a bank account to buy a money order, but, if you have a bank account, you might be able to get a money order through your bank for free.

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  • Debbie Myers

    I sent a money order that I purchased from Kwik Trip and it was never cashed or received. The manager gave me a site to go to fill out for replacement or my money back. I filled it out sent it to the address on the bottom of the form and it was returned to me a month later telling me that unable to delivery.
    Please help me out and give me a form and address that works for getting my money back.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, Debbie! You can check the status of your money order and, if it’s eligible, submit a request for a replacement at MoneyGram’s website. You’ll need the serial number and dollar amount from the money order. If you encounter any issues checking the status, you can also contact MoneyGram directly for assistance using its contact form. Best of luck!

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