Kwik Trip Money Order Policy Detailed: Cost, Limits, etc

Whether you need to pay bills or send money to someone, picking up a money order at a gas station is a convenient way to multitask, allowing you to fuel up your vehicle or pick up snacks at the same time.

Kwik Trip is one option to consider, as it sells MoneyGram money orders at all of its locations.

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You can get a MoneyGram money order for up to $500 for a fee of about $1 to $1.75 per money order.[1]

Although Kwik Trip sells money orders, it doesn’t cash them.[1]

Below, you’ll find more details of Kwik Trip’s money order policy, including the requirements, hours, and how to fill out a money order.

Kwik Trip Money Order Policy

Kwik Trip sells MoneyGram money orders, although it doesn’t cash money orders of any type — including those originally purchased at Kwik Trip.[1]

I contacted Kwik Trip stations in Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin to confirm this information.


You can purchase money orders worth up to $500 at Kwik Trip stations.[1]

Some locations limit you to purchasing one money order per day, while others allow customers to buy two, which means you may be able to purchase up to $1,000 total in money orders per day.[1]


Kwik Trip charges a fee ranging from around $1 to $1.75 per money order, depending on the location.[1]

This means that if your local Kwik Trip allows you to buy two money orders, you’ll pay this fee twice when doing so (for a total cost of about $2 to $3.50).[1]


You don’t have to present an ID or enroll in any money services program to buy money orders at Kwik Trip.[1]

There’s also no minimum age requirement when purchasing a Kwik Trip money order.[1]

Keep in mind, though, that you can only purchase money orders with cash. You can’t use a debit card, credit card, or personal check to buy money orders at Kwik Trip.[1]


You can buy MoneyGram money orders at Kwik Trip any time during regular station hours.[1]

This includes Kwik Trip stations that stay open 24/7.[1]

How to Fill Out a Money Order

After purchase, it’s a good idea to fill out your money order right away so someone can’t fill it out to themselves and cash it if you misplace it.

First, enter the name of the person or title of the business receiving the money order in the “Pay To The Order Of” section.[1]

Next, sign your name in the “Purchaser” section and write your address on the specified line.[1]

See more details (including a video example) on how to fill out a money order.

Tip: Be sure to include any relevant information when using money orders to pay bills or for other official purposes on the front of the money order. This could include account numbers, “ATTN: XYZ,” or relevant dates.[2][3]

You should also hold onto the receipt until the payment clears in case you or the recipient lose the money order and you need a replacement.[4]


You might want to compare Kwik Trip’s policy with other places that do money orders to be sure you find an option with the best fees and limits for your needs.

To see more options for buying money orders, check out the list of gas stations that sell money orders.

If you have a money order that you need to cash, you can do so at Walmart or most check cashing stores, including Check Into Cash and Advance Financial 24/7.[5][6][7]


What’s Kwik Trip’s ATM limit and fee for cash withdrawals?

There’s no fee to withdraw cash from a Kwik Trip ATM unless your bank charges one. You can get up to $200 in cash per transaction; if you need more than that to pay for your money order, you can make multiple transactions.[1]

Can you earn or use Kwik Rewards points on money order purchases?

No, you won’t earn points and you can’t redeem points toward money order purchases.[1][8]

Can you get a discount on money orders with the Kwik Rewards Credit Card or Debit Card?

No, money orders are one of the items exempt from getting a discount with these cards.[8][1]

Can you use a money order to pay for the balance on your Kwik Rewards Plus account?

Yes, you can use a money order to make a payment on your balance.[9][10]

Does Kwik Trip sell cashier’s checks or cash checks?

No, Kwik Trip doesn’t sell cashier’s checks nor does it cash any type of check.[1]

In Summary

While you can’t cash a money order at Kwik Trip, you can buy one or two MoneyGram money orders worth up to $500, depending on the location.[1]

Fees vary by station but generally range from around $1 to $1.75 per money order.[1]

Keep in mind that you can only pay with cash and you can purchase a money order any time during regular station hours.[1]

You’re more than welcome to share your personal experiences purchasing a money order from Kwik Trip in the comments section below. You can also ask questions or share tips that might be helpful to others.

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  • Debbie Myers

    I sent a money order that I purchased from Kwik Trip and it was never cashed or received. The manager gave me a site to go to fill out for replacement or my money back. I filled it out sent it to the address on the bottom of the form and it was returned to me a month later telling me that unable to delivery.
    Please help me out and give me a form and address that works for getting my money back.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, Debbie! You can check the status of your money order and, if it’s eligible, submit a request for a replacement at MoneyGram’s website. You’ll need the serial number and dollar amount from the money order. If you encounter any issues checking the status, you can also contact MoneyGram directly for assistance using its contact form. Best of luck!

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