Most people know that Walmart is a one-stop shop for everything from clothing to groceries to electronics to home goods. But did you know that Walmart also offers money orders? Yes, Walmart can both sell you a money order or cash one you already have. In this article, we’ve compiled all of the details you could ever want to know about Walmart money orders, including costs and restrictions. Keep reading to get all the answers to your Walmart money order questions.

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How to Buy a Money Order at Walmart

A money order is a simple way for anyone to pay a bill or send money. Money orders can be purchased at the U.S. Post Office, most banks and credit unions, and even retail stores. Walmart uses MoneyGram to provide money orders, money transfers, and electronic bill pay. To electronically wire money to someone at another Walmart location, Walmart has partnered with Ria Money Transfer. While this article focuses on money orders, it’s nice to know other what other services are available. If you’re just looking for money transfers, and not money orders, see our article Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer FAQ: Fees, Limits, Hours, Tracking…

You’ll need to visit your local Walmart’s MoneyCenter in person to buy a money order. Walmart MoneyCenters will only be open during certain hours, which vary by location, and may not be open during the same hours that the Walmart store is open. The MoneyCenter is typically open 7 AM – 10 PM, but you’ll want to verify MoneyCenter hours with your local Walmart. Find your nearest Walmart.

When buying a money order, you’ll need to know your own address and the address of the recipient in order to fill it out. You should also bring an ID. Walmart accepts cash and debit cards, but not credit cards, for money order purchases.

Walmart Money Order Fees and Limits

MoneyGram money orders from Walmart cost 70 cents per money order and the maximum amount value for a single money order at Walmart is $1,000. There’s also a daily limit — you can purchase up to $3,000 worth of money orders in one day. Purchasing more than $3,000 worth of money orders may trigger a suspicious activity report (SARS). This information was obtained by calling Walmart’s corporate customer service line.

How to Cash a Money Order at Walmart

Can you cash a money order at Walmart? Yes, but it must be a MoneyGram and it must have been issued by Walmart. The fee for cashing a MoneyGram money order at Walmart is $3 for up to $1,000 and $6 for money orders up to $5,000. The fee must be paid in cash or with a Walmart MoneyCard. Walmart’s money order cashing policy is part of its check cashing policy, and the fees are the same for both checks and money orders.

Walmart International Money Order Policy

While Walmart doesn’t sell international money orders (you’ll have to go to USPS for those), you can use their money transfers services from MoneyGram to send money internationally. Fees for sending money internationally vary by the amount being sent and the country where you are sending the money. MoneyGram has a handy fee estimator to help you plan your transfer. As an example, to send $1,000 US dollars to India, the estimated fee is $13. International money orders at Walmart are very popular. For the details on how international money transfers work at Walmart, see our article: Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer FAQ: Fees, Limits, Hours, Tracking…

Places to Buy a Money Order Besides Walmart

Generally, you can buy money orders at:

  • United States Post Office: Money orders cost $1.20 for up to $500 and $1.60 for $500.01 to $1,000. Find a post office.
  • Retail stores: Numerous retailers (of which Walmart is one) sell money orders through MoneyGram or Western Union. Fees are usually small, and may vary depending on the amount of the money order.
  • Banks and credit unions: Fees will vary widely, but are lower (and maybe even free) for account holders.
  • Payday Loan Stores, Check Cashing Stores: These retailers of financial services usually have high, unpublished fees. It’s hard to know what you’ll pay to cash your money order before you get to the store.

For a list of specific places where you can buy money orders, see our article, Where Can I Get a Money Order? At These 32 Places.

Places to Cash a Money Order Besides Walmart

Keep in mind it’s always best to contact your local branch or store first to determine exact fees, limits, and hours of operation.

  • USPS: They’ll only cash money orders issued by USPS. Find a post office.
  • The bank or credit union at which you have an account: This is probably your cheapest option, and if you chose to deposit the money order, it’ll definitely be free.
  • The bank or credit union that issued the money order: A few banks and CUs will cash their own checks and money orders for free, but most have fees for non-account holders.
  • Retail locations: Such as grocery stores, convenience stores, and drug stores. There’s usually a nominal fee.
  • Payday loan and check cashing stores: Fees are highest here, and they usually won’t tell you the fees until you’re at the store.

For a specific list of other places that cash money orders, see our article 20+ Places to Cash a Money Order.

In Summary

Whether you need to buy or cash a money order, Walmart’s MoneyCenters can usually help you get your mission accomplished. Since the Walmart money order limit is high and the fees are low, you’ll have more options than you might when purchasing a money order elsewhere. You can even purchase an international money order or buy a MoneyGram money order online through Walmart from the comfort of your own home. If you need to cash a money order, you’ll be able to do so at Walmart as long as it’s a MoneyGram money order issued at Walmart. It’s hard to beat Walmart in terms of its nearly ubiquitous locations and low prices, and that’s certainly true when it comes to purchasing a money order as well.