Money Orders at Walmart: Cost, Limit, Hours, Payment Options, etc

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Short Answer — Walmart sells and cashes MoneyGram money orders. Purchase fees are up to $0.88, and cashing fees are $4 to $8 per money order. For more details about Walmart’s money order policy, see below.

Buying a Money Order at Walmart

Walmart sells MoneyGram money orders at the money services center or customer service desk near the front of the store.[1]

You can use cash or a debit card to pay for your money order.[1]

Note that Walmart only sells domestic money orders (in U.S. dollars). If you intend to send it outside of the U.S., be sure to find out if it will be accepted in the specific country which you intend to send it to before purchasing a money order.[1]

Fees & Limits

Money order fees vary by location, but the maximum fee is $1 per money order.[1] This makes Walmart one of the cheapest places to get a money order.

The maximum amount for a single money order at Walmart is $1,000. If you need more than $1,000, you’ll need to buy multiple money orders (for example, two money orders totaling $2,000).

There’s also a daily limit of $3,000 in money order purchases.[2]


Walmart requires a government-issued photo ID for money order purchases over $1,000.[1]

See our related research for information on how to fill out a MoneyGram money order.


The Walmart MoneyCenter and customer service desk are generally open the same hours as the store — in most cases, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., though hours may vary by location.[3]

It’s a good idea to contact your local store before visiting to double-check its MoneyCenter hours.

Cashing a Money Order at Walmart

Walmart doesn’t cash all money orders but will cash MoneyGram money orders.

Fees & Limits

When you cash a money order, you’ll be subject to Walmart’s check cashing fees.

The retailer charges $4 to cash up to $1,000 and $8 for transactions between $1,000 and $5,000.[4]


You don’t need to register for a check cashing card to cash checks or money orders at Walmart, but you’ll need to present a valid, government-issued photo ID.[4]

More Options

For information on where else you can make money order transactions and how Walmart compares, see our research on where to get a money order.


  • Cinda Mclaughlin

    I bought a money order from Walmart and sent it to someone out of state, but they sent it back. How do I get my money back? The money order was already made out to them.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, Cinda! Please see our related article on how to refund a money order; it includes instructions for how to request a refund at a MoneyGram location.

  • Jesus Annan

    I have 6,000 dollars in Walmart Money Gram Money Orders. $1000 each. It was purchased from Walmart in VA and was sent to me in FL. After visiting the store to cash them, I was told they are two hours behind FL and that I have to wait until the store opens before they pay me. I went back to the store later in the afternoon and I was told they need to call the Walmart Center in VA to verify the money orders before paying me. I waited for a couple minutes and after a while they asked me to go and come back again on weekdays. They also said to me that the limit they can pay out in a day is $2000. How true or reliable is this? I don’t understand because a friend of mine in MI received the same thing in September and was able to cash all 3000 dollars in a day. Please let me know what to do and if possible show me a way I can cash them without going to Walmart. Moreover, does the money orders need to be verified from where it was purchased before paying out? Thank You

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Laura Bachmann

      Hi Jesus,

      There are certainly other places you can cash a MoneyGram if you would rather avoid Walmart! The easiest way to get the money out of these money orders would be to deposit them into your own bank account. Once they clear, you’ll have complete access to the funds, or you might have access immediately, depending on your bank’s policies. You might be able to cash them at your own bank too, but not all banks will cash money orders. If you don’t have a bank account, you’ll have to go to a MoneyGram agent that cashes money orders. Walmart is one such agent, but there are others. Check out our article, Where Can I Cash a MoneyGram? for more info. Or, you can use the MoneyGram agent locator to find one near you. It’s best to call the store ahead of time to make sure they really do cash money orders, and to find out the limits. As for how Walmart has dealt with your situation, I’ve never seen the requirement that Walmart call the Walmart that issued the money order. In Walmart’s published check cashing policy, the cash limit is supposed to be $5,000. The $2,000 limit is lower than normal, but we have heard reports from other customers that some Walmarts use this lower limit. These stores probably aren’t able to keep so much cash on hand.

  • Jewels

    Are you able to get a moneyorder by paying half cash half debit card

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Laura Bachmann

      Hi Jewels,

      Usually the card reader machines that you use to swipe your debit card don’t allow for split purchases. I’d ask at your local Walmart, but go prepared to use one payment method to purchase the entire money order. Alternatively, you could buy two money orders to get to the amount you want — one with cash and the other with your debit card.

  • Mandy

    What is the limit I can get money order in month or a week ?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Kathleen Wilson

      Hi Mandy,
      Walmart doesn’t give a limit per week or month. However, the maximum amount allowed is $3,000 total in one day. Purchasing more than $3,000 worth of money orders — in a day or in multiple days that are close to each other — may trigger a suspicious activity report (SARS).

  • TS

    I was given an unsigned money order from Walmart. Will I be able to cash it?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Rebecca Turley

      Hi TS,

      This is debatable. There are many places that will cash your money order without a signature, and perhaps just as many that won’t. Your best bet is to get the person who gave you the money order to sign it.

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