QuikTrip Money Order Policy Explained (Selling & Cashing)

When you need money order services, stopping at a nearby store can be more convenient than making a trip to the bank. This is especially true if you have multiple errands to run, such as getting a money order and refueling your car.

QuikTrip is one place you can stop if you need to buy a money order. However, it doesn't cash them.

"QT" logo sign on the outside of a QuikTrip location

QuikTrip sells Western Union money orders for a fee of $1.50 per $300 purchased.[1]

Below, I explain the details of the QuikTrip money order policy, such as limits, requirements, and hours of availability.

QuikTrip Money Order Policy

QuikTrip (QT) sells money orders but doesn’t cash them — even those originally purchased at QT.[1]

There are a few things to keep in mind before buying a money order, such as QuikTrip’s money order limit and fees.

I contacted QuikTrip locations in Arizona, Iowa, and South Carolina to confirm the details of its money order policy.

Fees & Limits

QT charges a money order purchase fee of $1.50 for each $300. For example, a $500 money order would cost $3 in fees.[1]

Daily purchase limits vary by location but generally range from around $1,000 to $2,000.[1]


You can only pay for a money order with cash. You can’t use a debit card, credit card (including QuikTrip’s credit card), gift card, or personal check.[1]

You aren’t generally required to present an ID when purchasing a money order at QuikTrip, though it’s always a good idea to have one handy just in case.[1]

Tracking & Refunds

QT issues Western Union money orders.[1] You can check the status of your money order by contacting Western Union at (800) 999-9660.[2]

You can also request a refund through Western Union by filling out a Money Order Customer Request. Note that it deducts a $15 service fee from the refund amount.[2]

Find out more about how to refund a money order.

Tip: Be sure to put the receipt in a safe place. Western Union requires the receipt or money order itself to process refunds, and there’s an additional $15 fee for receipt replacements. The money order number is also required to get a receipt replacement, which may be difficult to produce if you lost the money order or someone stole it.[2][3]


QuikTrip isn’t the only gas station that offers money order services.

You might want to compare your options to find the fees and limits that work best for you. See the list of gas stations that do money orders.


When can I buy a money order at QuikTrip?

QT sells money orders seven days a week, including on Sundays. While most QT locations are open 24 hours, you can generally purchase a money order between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.[1] If QuikTrip’s hours don’t work for you, there are some additional 24-hour money order options.

Can I cash a check at QuikTrip to pay for a money order?

No, QuikTrip doesn’t cash any type of check or money order.[1]

I need to get cash to pay for my money order. What are the fees and limits at a QuikTrip ATM?

Fees depend on the location but generally range from around $2 to $3. The limit depends on your bank but may be around $600.[1]

In Summary

You can purchase a Western Union money order at QuikTrip for a fee of $1.50 per $300.[1]

You can only purchase up to around $1,000 or $2,000 per day, depending on the station.[1]

QuikTrip sells money orders seven days a week from around 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. You generally don’t need an ID to purchase a money order, though you can only pay with cash.[1]

While you can purchase a money order at QuikTrip, you can’t cash one, and you can only track your money order or request a refund through Western Union itself.[1]

Feel free to ask questions or share your experiences regarding QuikTrip’s money order policy in the comments section below.


  • frances battle

    Someone purchased a money order from QT, paid cash for it, and lost the receipt. They went back to the store and an associate said the money order had been voided. Has anyone ever heard of this? I am lost.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, Frances. Did this person go back to the store with the intention of getting a refund on the money order? If so, they need to contact Western Union rather than QuikTrip. Western Union offers refunds by mail. Our related article has instructions for requesting a refund from Western Union.

  • Gina C Barker

    It’s pathetic that QT won’t cash money orders purchased at their location!!! Has caused many problems for my son who I bought them for!!!
    Bank wants to hold for 10 days, meanwhile his electric stands to be disconnected!!!

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