QuikTrip, also known as QT, is a convenience store and gas retailer founded in 1958 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since then, the company has grown to over 700 locations in eleven states. In addition to providing gas and convenience items, the stores also sell money orders. The number of store locations can make QuikTrip a convenient place to not only fill up the gas tank and grab a cup of coffee, but to also get a money order quickly when needed. So does QuikTrip do money orders? Yes — QuikTrip does sell money orders.

While there is limited information on the QuikTrip website about money orders, for this article we have called numerous stores and sourced online discussions with employees or customers to give you an overview of the QuikTrip money order services. We’ll cover the costs of purchasing a money order, what time you can purchase a money order, and the other money-related services that are offered at QuikTrip.

What’s Covered In This Article:

  • What type of money order does QuikTrip sell?

  • Costs, limits, and accepted payment methods for QT money orders

  • When can you purchase a money order at QuikTrip?

  • Other money-related services at QuikTrip

  • Similar stores that sell money orders

  • And More…

What Type of Money Order Does QuikTrip Sell?

QuikTrip is an authorized provider of Western Union money orders. Western Union money orders can only be used in the United States.

Costs, Limits, and Accepted Payment Methods for QT Money Orders

How much do QuikTrip Money Orders cost? This information isn’t posted on the QuikTrip website, but we called numerous stores to determine how much you can expect to pay at your local QT. According to the QT associates we contacted, the cost for a money order is $1.50 for the first $300.00. For each additional $300, the cost is another $1.50 (so a $500 money order would cost $3 in fees). QuikTrip has a limit on the amount of money order purchases of $950.00 per day.

If you’re wondering what types of payment are accepted for money order purchases at QT, you can pay for a money order with cash only. We’ve confirmed with QT customer support that cash is the only accepted payment method for money order purchases. For ways to get cash from a credit card, we recommend reading How to Get Cash from a Credit Card: 6 Ways to Do It.

What Time Does QuikTrip Start Selling Money Orders What Time Does QuikTrip Stop Selling Money Orders?

While nearly all QuikTrip stores are open 24/7, that does not mean to you can purchase a money order at 1:00 AM. QT stores have a specific time window when you can purchase money orders. That window is from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily. You can purchase money orders on Saturday and Sunday, but it must be during those same hours.

What Happens if I Lose My Money Order? Do Money Orders Expire?

Because QuikTrip sells Western Union money orders, you do have options for recouping your money if the money order is lost or stolen. Western Union has a money order customer request form that can be printed out and sent in with the receipt and a $15 nonrefundable processing fee. This process will be much faster if you have the original receipt from the money order purchase, so we strongly advise you to keep the receipt handy until you’re certain that the money order has been cashed. It’s also worth noting that Western Union money orders purchased at QT, or anywhere else, aren’t good forever. If you purchase a money order from QuikTrip, like all Western Union money orders, it will be good for one year from the date of purchase. For more information on this subject, we recommend reading our articles, How Long Money Orders Are Good For and How to Get a Refund on a Money Order.

Does QuikTrip Cash Money Orders?

QuikTrip does not cash any type of money orders. Our article Where Can I Cash a Money Order? At These 20+ Places lists banks, credit unions, and stores where you can get a money order cashed. Keep in mind that you’ll typically need valid photo identification in order to cash a money order, so be sure to have that with you.

Where’s the Nearest QuikTrip?

QuikTrip has over 700 locations around the country. You can either use the QuikTrip store locator to find the one closest to you, or you can download the QuikTrip mobile app to find one while on the go.

Other Money Related Services Offered by QuikTrip

Besides money orders, QuikTrip also offers other services and rewards cards for regular customers. QuikTrip has a number of QT cards such as credit cards, gift cards, and fleet management cards for businesses. If you’re looking for credit options tied to gasoline purchase, then one of these cards may be of interest. Here is a brief overview of the types of QT cards offered by QuikTrip:

QT Credit Card

  • Get 25 cents off per gallon in the first 2 billing cycles up to 200 gallons
  • 25.99% APR
  • Minimum interest charge of $1.75
  • No annual fee or monthly fee
  • Apply for the QT credit card

QT Fleetmaster Cards

  • Allow businesses to monitor fuel purchase across multiple vehicles
  • Fleetmaster & Fleetmaster Express offer savings of $.01 to $.05 per gallon
  • Fleetmaster Plus offers savings of $.01 to $.03 per gallon
  • Free for Fleetmaster and Fleetmaster Express
  • $40 set up fee and $2.00 per card per month charge for Fleetmaster Plus
  • Apply for the QT Fleetmaster card

QT Gift Card

  • Load any amount between $5.00 and $300.00
  • Purchase or recharge at any QuikTrip store
  • Online purchase option
  • No fees
  • No expiration date
  • Get details for QT gift cards

QT Pumpstart Card

  • Allows you to activate the pump to fuel first, then pay inside in cash
  • Obtain a card by showing your driver’s license at the counter of a QuikTrip store
  • May not be available in all locations
  • Find more details about the QT Pumpstart card

Other Stores That Sell Money Orders

Does QuikTrip do money orders? Yes. But it’s good to know about other options. There are a variety of other gas stations, convenience stores, and grocery stores that are QuikTrip alternatives for purchasing money orders. These alternatives to QuikTrip money orders include:


Circle K




  • Maximum Money Order Amount: Typically $2,999.99, but limits may vary by store
  • Costs: Typically $0.89 per $1,000, but fees may vary by store
  • Check the Vons website for more details
  • Find a Vons location near you


For more options for where to purchase and cash Western Union money orders, read our article with a list of many additional places and their money order policies.

QuikTrip Money Orders: Conclusion

While there are numerous places to purchase money orders, QuikTrip is a particularly convenient choice since it’s a gas station offering many other products and services, such as made-to-order breakfast and lunch items, coffee, and a variety of other food, drink, and “on the go” items.

With over 700 locations around the country, many people have passed one on a trip or regularly use one during their daily commute, so it’s nice to know that you can get a money order there when needed, even on the weekends. If someone is looking to save on fuel with a credit card tied to gas purchases at QuikTrip, looking for a way to keep track of their employee’s fuel use and mileage, or would just like the convenience of fueling first before walking into the store to pay cash, then QuikTrip has some good options through a variety of QT cards.

We hope that this QuikTrip money orders FAQ was useful and gave you some helpful information about money order costs and options at a QuikTrip store. So does QuikTrip do money orders? You bet.