QuikTrip (QT) Cash Back Policy Explained: Availability, Limit, etc

Whether you're on a road trip or on your daily commute, gas stations can be a convenient place to stop -- not just for fuel and snacks, but for cash back when you need a small amount.

You'll usually pay less than you would at an ATM to get cash back, and you can save yourself an extra stop if you're already picking up other items.

QuikTrip (also known as QT) is one gas station that offers cash back at most locations.

Exterior of a QuikTrip (QT) store that offers cash back

You can get $20 or $40 cash back on purchases at many QuikTrip locations, with no additional fees.[1][2]

Find out more about getting cash back at QuikTrip below, including fees, limits, and requirements.

QuikTrip Cash Back Policy

Many QuikTrip gas stations offer cash back on purchases, but some do not. Of the locations I checked, about 60% told me they offer this service.[1][2]

You may want to call ahead to double-check the availability of cash back if you’re unsure about the policy at your local QT.

I contacted QuikTrip locations in Arizona, Illinois, Louisiana, Nebraska, and South Carolina to find more details of the cash back policy.[1]

Fees and Limits

There is no additional fee when getting cash back at QT, although you must make a purchase to do so.[1][2]

The maximum amount of cash back available varies by location but is generally $20 or $40.[1][2]

You can choose any amount up to the store’s cash back limit. For instance, if you only need a few $1 bills or $5, you can request this instead of the maximum amount.[1][2]

Tip: If you need more cash back than your local QuikTrip allows, most locations have an ATM available. There’s also no limit to how many times you can get cash back, so you have the option to make multiple purchases and get the maximum amount of cash back each time.[1][3]


There’s no minimum purchase requirement to get cash back at QT, meaning it’s available even if you’re only purchasing one item, such as a fountain drink.[1]

However, note that you can only get cash back with a debit card. You can’t get cash back with a credit card, with mobile wallets like Apple Pay, or on a personal check.[1][2]


In addition to QuikTrip, some other nationwide gas stations offer cash back. They may offer higher limits or different denominations that meet your needs better than QT.

Find out more or compare your options by reviewing the list of gas stations that offer cash back.


Can you get cash back 24/7 at QuikTrip?

Yes, if the QT you visit is open 24/7, you can get cash back any time day or night.[1]

Will you get QT Rewards points on cash back?

No, you won’t earn any points on cash back at the register.[1]

Can you get cash back with a QT gift card, prepaid card, or fleet card?

No. You can only get cash back at QuikTrip when paying with a debit card.[1]

In Summary

You can get any amount of cash back up to $20 or $40 at most QuikTrip stores.[1]

There’s no fee for this service, though you must make a purchase and pay with a debit card.[1]

You can also use QT’s ATM (if one is available) or find another nearby gas station that gives cash back if your local QT doesn’t offer this service.[1][3]

You can ask any questions that come to mind about QuikTrip’s cash back policy in the comments section below. You’re also welcome to reply to others or share your own experiences getting cash back at QT.

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