Does QT Do Cash Back? Answered

Does QT do cash back? While many gas stations and convenience stores allow you to make a purchase and get cash back with a debit card, QuikTrip isn’t one of them.

Does QuikTrip Do Cash Back?

No, QuikTrip gas stations and convenience stores do not offer cash back on purchases. QuikTrip locations are not authorized to give cash back, a QT customer service representative said by phone.

QuikTrip also does not participate in the Discover Cash Over program, which allows Discover cardholders to get cash over the purchase amount.

If you need to get cash at a QT location, you will need to find one with an ATM — which many of them have. Find a QuikTrip location near you and call or visit to find out if an ATM is available.

Note: QuikTrip used to offer a QT Debit Rewards Mastercard that gave cash back on purchases deposited into your debit account, but this card is no longer available. The only cards offered by QuikTrip are prepaid gift cards, the QT credit card, and the QT Fleetmaster card for businesses.

In Summary

You can’t get cash back at QuikTrip gas stations and convenience stores. QuikTrip also doesn’t participate in the Discover Cash Over program. To get cash at a QuikTrip, you’ll need to find a location with an ATM. For more on gas stations and convenience stores that allow cash back, see our article: The List of Gas Stations That Do Cash Back + Which Ones Don’t.

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