Does QT Do Cash Back for Debit Card Purchases? Discover Card? Solved

QuikTrip storefront

Short Answer

Many (but not all) QuikTrip locations offer cash back on purchases; you can call ahead to confirm at your intended location. If your location doesn’t offer cash back, it will likely have an ATM.

Does QuikTrip Do Cash Back?

Many QuikTrip (QT) gas station locations offer cash back on purchases, but some do not. Cash-back availability varies by location, so if you are uncertain, you should call ahead to your desired QT location.

We contacted QuikTrip locations in Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas to find out if cash back is offered; about 75% of the locations we contacted said they do provide the option of cash back to customers.

However, none of the QT locations we contacted participate in the Discover Cash Over program, which allows Discover cardholders to get cash over the purchase amount.

If you need to get cash at a QT location that does not offer cash back at the register, you can use an ATM, which most QT locations have. You can call ahead to your intended QuikTrip location to confirm that it has an ATM.

Note: QuikTrip used to offer a QT Debit Rewards Mastercard that gave cash back on purchases deposited into your debit account, but this card is no longer available. QuikTrip now offers a credit card, Fleetmaster cards for businesses, and several prepaid cards.

For more on gas stations and convenience stores that allow cash back, our article has the list of gas stations that offer cash back, and those that don’t.


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