Safeway Cash Back Limit for Check, Debit, Credit, & More

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Short Answer

Safeway stores offer cash back at the register up to $200 with a debit or Discover credit card, and up to $100 when you pay using the company’s Fast Forward payment program. There are no minimum purchase amounts for cash back at Safeway.

Safeway Cash Back Policy

Safeway allows customers to get cash back at the register, and you can get up to $200 when you pay with a debit card or a Discover credit card; there are no minimum purchase amounts to receive cash back. Additionally, you can get up to $100 in cash back using Safeway’s Fast Forward payment program (discussed below).[1]

The company does not, however, offer cash back for purchases paid by personal check.[2]

To get cash back from a debit card or Discover credit card purchase, simply swipe or insert your card at the terminal, enter your PIN (if needed), then select the cash-back option and choose the amount of cash you’d like.

The total amount of your purchase plus the cash back will be debited to your bank account or charged to your Discover card.[2]

Safeway Fast Forward Program

The Fast Forward program is a payment option that allows customers to enroll and link their Safeway Club Card to their checking account, thus allowing the Club Card to function similarly to a debit card.[1]

Safeway doesn’t charge any additional fees for this program, and it allows participants to get up to $100 in cash back in a single day or up to $300 in a three-day period.[1] Note, however, that the cash-back amount goes toward your Purchase Amount Limit.[1]

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  2. Safeway customer service (877) 258-2799[][]

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