Safeway Cash Back Policy Explained (Limit, Fees, etc)

When you're planning to shop at Safeway and you need cash, you can accomplish two things at once and get cash back at the register.

You can get cash back on large or small purchases -- and even when buying a single item. However, there are a few rules to keep in mind.

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Cash back limits at Safeway vary by location and payment method but are generally $100 or $200. There’s no fee to use this service.[1]

You can get cash back when paying with a debit card, with contactless payment through the Safeway app, and sometimes with a personal check.[1][2]

Find out more about Safeway’s cash back policy below.

Safeway Cash Back Policy

Safeway allows customers to get cash back at the register and self-checkout.[3][1]

I confirmed this information by contacting stores in Arizona, Montana, and Virginia, as well as corporate customer service representatives.

Note that not all Safeway stores offer self-checkout.[3][1] There are also a few other details to keep in mind when getting cash back, such as limits and requirements.


At most Safeway stores, you can only get cash back with a debit card or through Safeway’s Fast Forward or SmartCheck contactless payment program.[1][3][2]

Some locations will also allow you to get cash back when paying with a personal check.[1][3]

The company does not, however, offer cash back for purchases paid for with a credit card or gift card.[1]

There’s no minimum purchase requirement to get cash back.[1]

Limits and Fees

Safeway’s cash back limit varies by location but is generally $100 or $200 unless you’re paying with a check.[1][3]

If your local Safeway allows cash back when paying with a personal check, the limit may be the same as other payment methods or as low as $20, depending on the store.[1]

For debit and contactless transactions, Safeway will charge the total amount of your purchase plus the cash back to your bank account.[1]

For example, if your total is $30 and you get $20 cash back, you’ll see a $50 charge on your bank statement rather than two separate transactions.

There is no fee to get cash back at Safeway.[1]


For debit transactions, you’ll use the pin pad at a regular register or self-checkout to choose the cash back option and select the amount you want back.[1]

Fast Forward and SmartCheck allow you to enroll and link your Safeway account to your checking account in the Safeway app, as well as add your preferred payment method to its digital wallet.[1][2]

Once you’ve done this, you can use the QR code in the app to complete contactless payment and receive cash back at the register.[1]

Note that the Fast Forward and SmartCheck programs are available in different areas of the U.S., so your location will determine which is available to you.[1]

Tip: It may take 48 to 72 hours for the cash back feature to become available once you’ve enrolled in the Fast Forward or SmartCheck program.[2]


If you need a larger amount of cash back, you may be interested in the list of stores that give the most cash back.

If you prefer to pay with a check, check out where to get cash back on a personal check.


Does Safeway have an ATM inside?

Yes, all Safeways typically have an ATM available to customers.[1]

What’s the cash back limit at the ATM?

This depends on your bank.[1]

Can I redeem points from Safeway’s rewards program for cash back?

No, you can only redeem points for discounts at the grocery store or participating fuel stations.[4]

In Summary

You can generally get up to $100 or $200 cash back at Safeway, depending on the location. There’s no fee for this service and no minimum purchase requirement.[1]

Cash back is typically available when paying with a debit card or making a contactless payment through the Safeway app. Some locations also allow cash back on personal checks.[1]

To get cash back using the Safeway app, you’ll have to enroll in Fast Forward or SmartCheck (depending on your region) and connect your bank account or add a card to its digital wallet.[1][2]

If you have personal experience getting cash back at Safeway, feel free to share any helpful tips for others in the comments section below.

Additionally, if you have any questions about getting cash back at Safeway, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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