Editorial Policy

First Quarter Finance (FQF) is a personal finance site that puts you, the user, first.

We research and analyze your questions and concerns related to money.

The following guidelines were designed to keep us accountable to you and our profession.

Journalistic Integrity at First Quarter Finance

Detailed Disclosure Policy

We show an abbreviated version of the following in every post that contains links where we could possibly earn a commission with.

When you buy/reserve/sign up through a link, we may earn a commission. There’s never a cost to you. We give your best option(s), regardless of if a company pays a commission. Writers are not aware who we partner with so we avoid bias. This is just part of what makes FQF trustworthy.


Our main goal is to consistently provide you with the best information available.

We also strive to make our content as user-friendly as possible.

We provide information, not advice. We do not offer advice because each individual’s situation is unique, and a qualified professional should be contacted before making any decisions.

We publish content around the clock — and our content is maintained by a staff of editors who keep the information current.

You’ll find that our original reporting covers everything from banking and investing to money orders to gift cards.

We employ professional writers, editors, and reviewers with the appropriate skill sets to help bring you the most trustworthy information.

You can find more about our capable team on our About page.


We believe if something isn’t cited, it isn’t true. We follow strict academic-level standards to ensure what we write is unbiased, comprehensive, actionable, and credible.

Policies and facts can change over time, so we work with a review schedule to continually review and update articles as necessary.

The average article has received 30+ updates since publication. The date field only gets updated if we have reviewed the article entirely and confirmed everything is up-to-date.

Additionally, the companies we cover often monitor our articles. If notified by them, we make adjustments to ensure the facts are up-to-date. This means both users and organizations hold First Quarter Finance to high standards.

Some companies and/or their “reputation management” firms ask for the information we provide to be taken down or reworded. They don’t like customers to know they charge high interest, have a poor reputation, or that their service is difficult to cancel. First Quarter Finance stands firm in our agreement with the first amendment. Therefore, we do not let companies dictate what we can and cannot say.

Our editors also ensure our content is ethical and appropriate for all ages. You can comfortably share our content with family, friends, and coworkers.

We are constantly improving our workflows to keep the friction between you and your mission to a minimum. But we are human and can’t make warranties regarding the accuracy of the information. If you have a question, comment, or concern about an article, please let us know right away by using our Contact page. We review our content often, but we very much value your attentiveness.


You shouldn’t have to question where we get our information, so we include attribution throughout our content.

Sometimes that looks like a link to a company’s return policy on its website. Other times, we’ll state that that we spoke with company representatives.

We don’t just ask the question once — all of our writers call upon multiple sources to confirm our findings. Writers are required to cross-check their sources and prove to you that they’ve done so.


Advertisers have no influence on our content. We do not accept guest or sponsored posts.

All of our content is created and edited by our qualified staff. This ensures you get answers with no hidden agendas.

You may be accustomed to viewing online articles that try to coerce you into doing or thinking something that’s not in your best interest. That does not happen at FQF because we are ethical.

All affiliate partnerships are disclosed at the top of the page. Affiliate link opportunities are included only after the article has been written. This keeps writers from giving preferential treatment to a paid company.

Writers do not know who we have an affiliate relationship with and who we do not. This ensures FQF is supported but also that our content is not biased. Furthermore, we partner with very few affiliates.

You can find out more about our relationship with advertisers in the Advertising Policy section of our Privacy Policy page.


We take your feedback seriously — especially if an article does not address your question or needs updating.

To express any questions or concerns, please use our Contact page, or write to us at:

More Holdings LLC
2626 Throckmorton St, #1333
Dallas, TX 75219

Beyond these guidelines, all FQF staffers are required to sign an ethics contract which details our commitment to journalistic integrity. A breach of the contract is grounds for termination.

We’re working hard for your continued trust.

If you’d like to find out more about us, please see our About page.

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