What Is First Quarter Finance (FQF)?

FQF is a leading personal finance website that has been featured in Money Magazine, Lifehacker (both the US and UK editions), The Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail, Yahoo! Finance, Zillow, and elsewhere.

FQF was founded in 2013.

A new article published daily.

Why Is It Called First Quarter Finance?

When we publish an article, although it’s a great article, we only see about the first quarter of our work as done. We’re always keeping the article current, answering comments, and seeing if there’s anything else we can do to help you even more.

Why Is First Quarter Finance Credible?

Our team consists of Fulbright scholars, honors cum laude graduates, MBAs, and subject-matter experts.

We cite root sources so you can check the accuracy of the information.

Advertisers have no influence on our content. If a company is represented, they earned the spot, they did not ask or pay for the spot. The content goes from us to you. No one in-between.

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