Product and Brand Comparison Guidelines

First Quarter Finance does not publish subjective reviews based on opinion.

When comparing brands or financial products, our writers and editors follow strict guidelines to maintain objectivity and present users with a fact-based foundation for decision-making.

Comparison Factors

The factors we use in comparisons vary depending on the specific subject matter, but generally include:

  • Accessibility: We prioritize widely available options with minimal (if any) barriers to usability. We understand that visitors to First Quarter Finance come from diverse locations and backgrounds. We aim to find the best option(s) relevant to the greatest number of people.
  • Trustworthiness: We understand the importance of keeping yourself and your finances safe. We consider the legitimacy and reliability of each product and brand we investigate. If an option is not credible, we exclude it from our comparison. 
  • Cost: We prioritize the most cost-effective solution(s) unless there is a compelling reason to recommend a more expensive option. We consider all elements of the cost – upfront charges, associated fees, interest, and any other relevant factors.
  • Relevant policies: We will consider all store or company policies relevant to a particular comparison. For example, in a comparison of car rental agencies, we may consider each agency’s cancellation policy or additional driver policy.


Our writers and editors do not provide recommendations based on their personal opinions.

List-based content that compares products or brands may include a section with the heading “What We Recommend.” This section is designed to highlight the overall best option(s) following the criteria noted above.

Each “What We Recommend” section will include an explanation of why the writer has chosen to highlight the recommended option(s).

Relationship Disclosures

First Quarter Finance does not accept paid product placements or brand mentions. We also do not accept content from outside of our editorial team.

First Quarter Finance does have affiliate partnerships, which are disclosed at the top of the page any time an affiliate link is used.

Affiliate links are added only after the article has been written, and we do not give preferential treatment to companies with which we have affiliate relationships.

You can find out more about our commitment to objectivity in our Editorial Policy.