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Buy Now, Pay Later: Drones (We Have the List of Retailers)

Drones are available for purchase through "buy now, pay later" programs at several online retailers,  including Dynnex Drones and Vertigo Drones. "Buy now, pay later" is a flexible payment option that doesn't necessarily require a credit check. We have the list of...

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How Much Copper Is in a Refrigerator Compressor? Answered

When it comes to making money from scrap metal, large appliances like refrigerators can be some of the best sources for cash. Refrigerators, in particular, can increase your income because of the compressors, which contain quite a bit of copper — the type of scrap...

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Can I Run My Gas Fireplace Without the Fan? Answered

There are no issues with running a gas fireplace without the fan, as long as the fireplace is enclosed and properly vented. Learn more about operating a gas fireplace and the purpose of gas fireplace fans below. Can I Run My Gas Fireplace Without the Fan? Gas...

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How Long Can You Leave a Gas Fireplace On? Answered

Leaving a gas fireplace running too long can increase the risk of fire or dangerous fumes. The length of time a gas fireplace can be left on depends on the type of gas fireplace you have. Some types can be left on continuously, while others should only be operated for...

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