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What Time Does Housekeeping Come? Cleaning Time Requests, etc

Houskeeping generally comes between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., but most hotels try to clean rooms by morning or mid-day, when you're less likely to be in your room. You can always refuse service by hanging the Do Not Disturb sign. But, what if you'd like service, just not in...

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Micro Center Price Match Policy With Amazon, Best Buy, etc

Micro Center doesn't have an official price match policy, but a store manager can choose to honor a competitor's price if certain criteria are met, including the item being sold by a major retailer and being currently in stock. Why not just purchase online? Buying...

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Where to Put Stickers: 40+ Cool Places to Put Stickers

You can put stickers on almost anything -- laptops, picture frames, mirrors, binders, notebooks, and more. We have the list of more than 40 places to put stickers, plus what else you can do with stickers -- like putting them in a scrapbook or turning them into...

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Does Menards Cut Wood? What Menards Will Cut & What It Costs

Menards offers wood-cutting services, but policies vary by store. Some offer the service for free, while others charge up to $2 per cut. We called a handful of stores to find out what policies and restrictions you might encounter, including pricing differences...

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