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Does Sheetz Sell Stamps? Store Policy Explained

No, Sheetz locations do not typically sell stamps, but you may want to call to ask. For more on the store policy, see below. Does Sheetz Sell Stamps? Sheetz convenience store and gas station locations do not typically sell postage stamps, a customer service...

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GM Financial Repossession Policy Varies by Customer

GM Financial's repossession policy varies case by case. You should look at your purchase agreement to learn more about the conditions under which your vehicle can be repossessed. GM Financial will take into consideration your payment history and how long payment is...

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What Are My Wayfair Credit Card Approval Odds? Answered

Although Wayfair -- and the bank that manages its credit account, Comenity -- doesn't disclose specific credit approval requirements, your chances of approval when applying for a Wayfair Card depend on the overall health of your credit. High account balances and...

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Does Kroger Accept WIC? Some States Have Approved Locations

A number of Kroger grocery stores accept WIC. But, because individual states assign WIC-approved retailers, not all Kroger locations accept WIC. Does Kroger Take WIC? Kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the U.S. by revenue, does accept WIC benefits at some store...

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DJI Drone Financing + Drone Payment Plan Options Explained

Many types of expensive equipment, such as cars and electronics, can be financed. But what about drones? Actually, yes. There are a number of options available. Most online retailers offer finance options for DJI-brand drones and other drones through third-party...

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Does Del Taco Take EBT? A Select Few (Beware: Most Don’t)

A few Del Taco locations in California accept EBT, but most do not. In general, hot or prepared foods can’t be purchased with SNAP benefits, but some states offer the Restaurant Meals Program, which allows recipients to use EBT to buy hot, prepared food from...

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