Where to Buy Hobby Lobby Gift Cards: Availability Explained

Hobby Lobby sells physical gift cards in its stores and on its website. Gift cards purchased online do not qualify for free shipping — you can expect an additional $1 shipping charge per gift card.[1] Gift card amounts are available from $10 to $200, and you can redeem them in Hobby Lobby stores or on HobbyLobby.com.

You can also buy Hobby Lobby gift cards through Cardpool. Cardpool is an online gift card reseller that offers gift cards at a discounted price — typically around 10% off for Hobby Lobby gift cards. Cardpool sells both physical and e-gift cards worth varying amounts, but note that they are not always in stock on the website. Physical gift cards ship free through the U.S. Postal Service.[2]

Places That Don’t Sell Hobby Lobby Gift Cards

We contacted several other stores and visited other gift card websites, but we were unable to find additional places that sell Hobby Lobby gift cards. Below, we’ve included the list of some of the major businesses that do not sell Hobby Lobby gift cards:

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