Where to Buy Hobby Lobby Gift Cards: Availability Explained

Hobby Lobby storefront and parking lot

Hobby Lobby sells physical gift cards in its stores and on its website.[1][2][3]

Having additional purchase options can save you time and trouble if Hobby Lobby’s out of your way or you already have plans to shop somewhere else that sells them.

Most retailers don’t sell Hobby Lobby gift cards. However, there are a few options.

Below, we have the list of businesses that offer Hobby Lobby gift cards, as well as those that don’t. We also detail whether you can purchase gift cards online or in-store.

Hobby Lobby gift cards don’t have any additional fees, although gift cards purchased on the Hobby Lobby website come with a $1 per card mail and processing fee.[2][4]

You can avoid this fee by buying from CardCash, which offers free shipping.[5]. See more info about them below.

The List

The following retailers sell Hobby Lobby gift cards in-store or online.

Note that in-store ability may vary by location and what’s in stock.

CardCash logo


  • In-store or online? Online[6]
  • Shop

The Home Depot logo

The Home Depot

  • In-store or online? In-store[7]
  • Shop

Lowes logo


  • In-store or online? In-store[8]
  • Shop

If you’re considering purchasing a different brand or you frequently shop for gift cards, check out our list of places to buy gift cards.

Places That Don’t Sell Hobby Lobby Gift Cards

In the course of our research, we found that the following stores don’t sell Hobby Lobby gift cards:

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