Where to Buy Costco Gift Cards

exterior of a Costco store

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You must be a Costco member to purchase a Costco gift card (also known as a Costco Shop Card).[1]

Because of this requirement, Costco doesn’t sell its gift cards through third-party retailers like Walmart, Target, or Kroger.

If there’s no Costco warehouse near you and/or you don’t want to wait for shipping, you may be able to find Costco Shop Cards on sites like Amazon or eBay, but there may be an upcharge.

Purchasing directly from Costco assures that you won’t pay any additional fees and that the Shop Cards will almost always be in stock.

Further, Costco occasionally runs specials that allow members to save a few dollars on Costco Shop Cards.

Costco Shop Cards are available in denominations from $25 to $2,000.[1] You can buy them in Costco stores or online.

Who Can Use Costco Gift Cards?

Though only members can purchase Costco Shop Cards, members and non-members alike can use the cards.

If you aren’t a member, you can show your Costco Shop Card at the door (with a balance on it) you’ll be allowed into the store.[1]

If you plan to do a lot of shopping at Costco, the Costco membership fee can pay for itself.


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