Where to Buy International Visa Gift Cards & Visa Prepaid Cards

Short Answer: You can only use Visa gift cards in the country where you purchase them. Because of this rule, there are no stores in the U.S. that sell international Visa gift cards. Online, GiftCardStore sells international Visa gift cards, but only for delivery in Australia or New Zealand. Additionally, Rybbon sells international Visa gift cards, but only to businesses rather than for personal use.

While you cannot use a standard Visa gift card internationally, you can use a Visa Prepaid debit card worldwide, as long as the issuer approves international transactions. Visa Prepaid debit cards are available from many financial institutions and retailers, including BB&T, Kroger, PNC Bank, Ralphs, TD Bank, and Walmart.

Below, we answer more questions about Visa gift cards and Visa Prepaid cards.

Where to Buy International Visa Gift Cards

Visa gift cards can only be used at merchants and on websites based in the country where you purchase the gift cards. So, if you buy a Visa gift card in the U.S., you will not be able to use it outside the U.S.

Retailers like Amazon, CVS, Gift Card Mall, GiftCards.com, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, JCPenney, and Walmart sell Visa gift cards. We checked each store’s Visa gift card use policy and found that the gift cards can only be used in the U.S.

The U.S.-only use policy also applies to Visa gift cards sold by financial institutions and Vanilla Visa gifts cards.

Buying International Visa Gift Cards Online

U.S. retailers, including online-only gift card retailers like Gift Card Mall and GiftCards.com, do not sell international Visa gift cards on their websites. Most international retailers — including Amazon’s international sites, such as Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.fr — either do not sell international Visa gift cards online or do not allow their purchase by customers who live outside of the country where the company is based. The following online retailers do sell international Visa gift cards, but with restrictions:


Note: GiftCardStore offers Mastercard and Visa gift cards for delivery in Australia and New Zealand only.

  • Available Visa gift cards: Customizable Visa cards up to AUD 500
  • Gift card delivery: By mail
  • Payment methods: Mastercard, American Express, or Visa; all purchases are in Australian dollars, so your card must allow foreign transactions
  • Requirements:
    • You can place an order from outside of Australia, but the delivery address must be in Australia or New Zealand
    • The recipient must activate the card within three months of receiving it
  • Fees:
    • 2.5% credit card processing fee
    • Shipping fees vary by card and delivery method
  • Find out more or purchase a card at GiftCardStore.com.au


Note: Rybbon offers gift card services to business and organizations only. You must use a work email address to create your account, and Rybbon does not permit personal use.

  • Available Visa gift cards: Visa gift cards in USD and CAD (Mastercard gift cards available in EUR and GBP)
  • Gift card delivery: Email and digital wallet
  • Payment methods: U.S. credit cards, checks, bank transfers
  • Requirements:
    • Must create a free Rybbon On Demand account
    • No minimum purchase
  • Fees:
    • 10% of each gift card’s value
  • Find out more or sign up at Rybbon.net

Where to Buy International Visa Prepaid Cards

While Visa gift cards can only be used in the country where you purchased them, Visa Prepaid debit cards are typically valid worldwide. Prepaid debit cards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted (except in countries where it is restricted by federal law), are reloadable, can be used at ATMs, and come with card replacement benefits if the card is lost or stolen.

Keep in mind, a Visa Prepaid card is not a good gift alternative because prepaid debit cards require the cardholder to enroll under his or her own name.

A representative for Visa told us that the international use policy for prepaid debit cards depends on the issuer. We researched several Visa Prepaid debit card options and found that the issuers listed below offer internationally-valid Visa Prepaid cards.

Note: Visa Prepaid cards typically have monthly fees of $5 to $8 and international transaction fees between 2% and 4%.