Where Can I Buy an IKEA Gift Card? 8 Options Listed (+ Where You Can’t)

Short Answer: You can buy IKEA gift cards from IKEA stores, the IKEA CashStar website, and from several online gift card retailers/resellers like CardSwap and Raise. IKEA gift cards are valid for use at either a physical IKEA store or online, and they are typically available in amounts from $5 to $1,000. For more about where to buy IKEA gift cards, see below.

Where to Buy IKEA Gift Cards

Physical IKEA gift cards are available at any IKEA store, usually at or near the checkout registers. However, there are not many brick-and-mortar IKEA store locations, which makes stopping by an IKEA store to pick up a gift card unfeasible for many people in the U.S.

Fortunately, there are other options for buying both physical and digital gift cards. We’ve compiled the list of other places that sell IKEA gift cards. Most retailers offer IKEA gift cards in amounts ranging from $5 to $1,000, but availability may vary.

IKEA CashStar Website

To purchase a physical or digital IKEA gift card, you can go to the IKEA CashStar website. Simply select a design, gift card quantity, and select any denomination between $5 and $1,000. The website automatically defaults to increments of $5, but you can also enter a custom amount.

After you’ve chosen a card amount, enter the details of delivery, including the recipient’s name and email, your name, payment info, and a shipping address. You can pay for an IKEA gift card with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

Other Gift Card Sellers

Below are some alternative online stores where you can usually purchase IKEA gift cards. The main advantage to buying an IKEA gift card from a vendor other than IKEA is that many offer them at a discount. However, many of these sites won’t allow you to simply input the value you’d like the gift card to have; instead, you’ll have to browse the sites for available options and choose the amount closest to what you’re looking for. If the card is being sold in physical form (as opposed to a code), it will be mailed to you once you’ve made a successful purchase.


  • Physical or digital? Physical
  • Denominations: Variable
  • Discounted? Yes
  • Payment methods: Credit card, PayPal, or ACH transfer for purchases over $1,000
  • Check availability: CardCash.com
  • Selling option? Yes


  • Physical or digital? Physical
  • Denominations: Variable
  • Discounted? No, but you can earn SwapPoint for future discounts
  • Payment methods: Debit, credit, PayPal, and EFT
  • Check availability: CardSwap.com
  • Selling option? Yes

Gift Card Granny

  • Physical or digital? Digital
  • Denominations: Variable
  • Discounted? Yes
  • Payment methods: Debit, credit, or PayPal
  • Check availability: GiftCardGranny.com
  • Selling option? Yes


  • Physical or digital? Digital
  • Denominations: $25, $50, $75, $100, $200, $250, or $500, or a custom amount
  • Discounted? No, and purchases come with a small fee
  • Payment methods: Debit or credit
  • Check availability: Giftly.com
  • Selling option? No

Note: Gifts from Giftly aren’t actual IKEA gift cards; they have a monetary value that the recipient can then apply to online IKEA purchases.


  • Physical or digital? Digital
  • Denominations: $25, $50, $75, $100, $200, $500, or a custom amount up to $1,000
  • Discounted? No, and purchases come with a small fee
  • Payment methods: Debit or credit
  • Check availability: GiftRocket.com
  • Selling option? No

Note: Similar to Giftly, GiftRocket sells monetary vouchers for use at IKEA.com.


  • Physical or digital? Both
  • Denominations: Variable
  • Discounted? Yes
  • Payment methods: Debit, credit, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and PayPal (mobile app only)
  • Check availability: Raise.com
  • Selling option? Yes

Places That Don’t Sell IKEA Gift Cards

During our research, we found that the following companies do not sell IKEA gift cards (in-store or online):

In Summary

If you don’t live near an IKEA store, there are still plenty of online retailers and resellers that you can use to buy IKEA gift cards, and you can usually find them at a discount. They are always in stock at the IKEA CashStar website. Also, companies like Gift Card Granny and Raise offer buying and selling options for IKEA gift cards, while companies like Giftly and GiftRocket allow you to buy monetary vouchers that recipients can use like gift cards to make IKEA online purchases.

For more about shopping at IKEA, we have the details about the store’s preapproval credit card.


  • Valmai Coffey says:

    I live in Warrnambool Victoria Australia, and would like to purchase a gift card, is there a place here where I could do this?

    • Kathleen Wilson says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Valmai,
      Since you live in Australia, your best bet for getting an IKEA gift card is to purchase straight from the IKEA Australia website. It costs a $4.50 fee to have the card put in the post and sent to you but once you’ve received it, it’s valid for 3 years. You can also purchase a gift card directly from any IKEA store.

  • James A. Osborne sr. says:

    Is there a actual store in the Boardman,Ohio area that I can buy a Ikea gift card? The area code is 44512

    Thank you

    • Hillary M. Miller says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi James,

      Unfortunately, it seems that the only physical store that sells Ikea gift cards is Ikea. The nearest one to Boardman, Ohio is 53 miles away in Pittsburgh. However, you can purchase a gift card directly from the Ikea website, or from any of the sites mentioned above, and have it shipped to your home. I hope this helps!