Where to Buy Gift Cards Online & Pick Up in Stores (+ Where You Can’t)

Gift card display in a store

When preparing for a shopping trip, ordering gift cards online to pick up in-store can save you time. It’s also convenient to add them to curbside pickup orders.

Most stores don’t offer this service for gift cards. However, there are a few options.

Below, I have the list of major retailers that allow you to buy gift cards online and pick them up in stores, complete with policy details. I also share businesses that don’t offer this service.

I confirmed this information by contacting customer service representatives and reviewing each company’s website.

The List

The following retailers allow you to purchase gift cards online and pick them up in-store.

Note that store pickup may be subject to availability. Depending on the company and whether it ships items to the store or takes them from the shelf, gift cards may be temporarily out of stock at your nearest location.

Best Buy logo

Best Buy

  • Restrictions: You can purchase up to 10 gift cards online to pick up in-store.[1]
  • Pickup fee: None[2]
  • Shop

Kohls logo


Kroger logo


  • Restrictions: Some stores don’t offer pickup.[4]
  • Pickup fee: $5 for orders totaling less than $35; no fee for orders totaling $35 or more[4]
  • Shop

Walgreens logo


  • Restrictions: Non-denominated gift cards are ineligible; gift cards must be in stock at the desired location.[5][6]
  • Pickup fee: None, though there is a $10 minimum purchase amount.[5][6]
  • Shop

Walmart logo


  • Restrictions: Only available for certain gift cards and amounts; check item descriptions for details.[7]
  • Pickup fee: $7 for orders totaling less than $35; no fee for orders totaling $35 or more[7]
  • Shop

While pickup options are convenient, you may be able to save on your purchase by visiting a store to buy a gift card or waiting for shipping. See my list of places to buy discounted gift cards in person and online.

Stores That Don’t Sell Gift Cards Online for Store Pickup

The following stores do not offer store pickup for gift cards purchased online.

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