The 15 Rental Car Companies That Pick You up and Drop You Off

Isn’t it frustrating when you need to rent a car, but you don’t actually have a way to get to the rental place? Or you drop off the car but need a way home? The good news is you can get picked up or dropped off as needed. Yes, rental car companies that pick you up and drop you off again are available. Many rental companies offer free pickup or shuttle services to help you get where you need to be. They’ll even drive you back home or to work after you’ve dropped off the car — as long as your final destination meets their criteria for distance and you give the company enough advance notice.

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What You Need to Know

Each rental company with a pickup or shuttle service will list its own rules for using that service, but here are a few common parameters you’ll have to follow pretty much anywhere:

  • Your pickup and drop-off locations must be within the range that the company is willing to drive. If you need them to take you to your work that is three miles away, it can be done. Need them to drive you 30 miles? Probably not going to happen.
  • Most companies require you to notify them at least a day in advance that you want to be picked up and/or dropped off, especially at smaller rental locations with small staffs.
  • Airport rental locations rarely do pickup and drop-off, since most of their customers will be flying in or flying out. But, they usually offer free shuttle services to and from your terminal.

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The Rental Car Companies That Pick You up and Drop You Off

1. ACE Rent a Car

  • Pickup and drop-off: Free pickup and drop off at select rental locations
  • Restrictions: Call ahead of time to see if your location offers pickup and drop-off. You can also check the individual location’s policies while you are reserving your car online. It’s on the right-hand side, under “Policies.” You will need to go through the reservation process yourself to see if the location you want offers a shuttle.
  • Find your nearest ACE Rent a Car rental location

2. Advantage

3. Alamo

4. Avis

5. Budget

  • Pickup and drop-off: Free pickup and drop-off at all rental locations.
  • Restrictions: Policies on hours of operation and distance limits vary by location. Call at least 24 hours in advance to confirm your options. Note that the one place Budget won’t pick you up is at an airport that already has a Budget location.
  • Find your nearest Budget rental location

6. Dollar Rent a Car

7. E-Z Rent a Car

8. Enterprise

9. Hertz

  • Pickup and drop-off: Free pickup and drop-off at Hertz Local Edition locations.
  • Restrictions: You must be located within a 15-minute drive. You can’t choose to be picked up or dropped off at an airport. You choose the pickup/drop-off locations while you’re making your online reservation (at least 24 hours in advance). Remember you can only book pickup service at Hertz Local Edition locations.
  • Find your nearest Hertz rental location

10. Payless

11. Rent-a-Wreck

12. Sixt Rent a Car

13. Thrifty

14. Turo

  • Pickup and drop-off: Many people who post their vehicle to Turo offer free pickup and drop-off services, including at airport locations. This is done either curbside or in a designated parking area.
  • Restrictions: None.
  • More information: Turo operates like Airbnb, but for rental cars. You and the vehicle’s owner can arrange pickup and drop-off arrangements (even curbside). Read the pickup/drop-off details. Turo is generally 35% cheaper than renting a car via the traditional route.
  • Rent a car with Turo

15. U-Save

  • Pickup and drop-off: Some locations — but not all — offer free pickup and drop-off services.
  • Restrictions: Only certain locations offer pickup and drop-off services. Call the location you’ve made your reservation with to see if they offer this service.
  • Find your nearest U-Save rental location

In Summary

Those are the rental car companies that pick you up and drop you off. Contrary to popular belief, most rental car companies offer pickup and drop-off services. These pickups and drop-offs range from airport shuttles to rides across town when you need to pick up or drop off your rental car. So, next time you need a ride to get to your rental, consider using one of the companies on our list! You can even save on your rental at some of these places with AAA car rental discounts. And, in case you’re planning a trip, get up to $55 toward your first Airbnb trip by using our referral link. Note that a lucky member of the FQF staff will receive credit towards their next stay if you sign up through our link.

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