13 Rental Car Companies That Pick Up, Drop Off, & Deliver

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Most of the major car rental companies in the U.S. offer some sort of pickup and drop-off services. Some also offer free airport shuttles or will deliver your rental car to you.

Each rental company with a pickup or shuttle service will list its own rules for using the service, but here are a few common parameters you’ll have to follow with most companies:

  • Your pickup and drop-off locations must be within the range the company is willing to drive. For example, you can likely get dropped off at your job that is a few miles away, but it is less probable that a company will drive you to a location that is 30 miles away.
  • Most companies require you to notify them at least a day in advance that you want to be picked up and/or dropped off, especially at smaller rental locations with limited staff.
  • Airport rental locations rarely offer pickup and drop-off services, since most of their customers will be flying in or out. However, they usually offer free shuttle services to and from your terminal.

Instead of or in addition to offering pickup and drop-off services, some rental car companies will deliver rental cars to you.

However, delivery is not a common rental car practice, and it is more likely to be included as a perk of membership in a company’s loyalty program.

We provide more information about which companies offer this service below.

What We Recommend

For the most flexibility with pickup, drop-off, and delivery services for your rental car, you will likely want to go with the peer-to-peer rental company Turo.

While Turo does not require car owners to offer these services, it connects you directly with the owner, so you can find an owner who is willing to work with you to make the arrangements you need.

Additionally, Turo’s prices are generally cheaper than most other rental car companies.

For a traditional rental car company that also offers a wide range of pickup and drop-off services, consider SIXT Rent a Car. Many of its locations will pick you up or drop you off, and it will typically deliver rental cars to hotels.

Budget Rent a Car — known for its low rental prices — also offers free pickup and drop-off services at all of its rental locations, but it will not deliver cars.

The List

Below, we provide the list of rental car companies in the U.S. that offer pickup, drop-off, delivery, and/or airport shuttle services, ordered starting with the companies with the best overall service offerings and value.

We also make note of any restrictions, such as if you need to call ahead to use a company’s pickup and drop-off services.

Turo logo

1. Turo

  • Services offered: With Turo, owners post their cars for rent, and you make rental arrangements directly with the owner. Many owners offer free pickup and drop-off services, including at airport locations. This is done either curbside or in a designated parking area.[1][2]
  • Delivery available? Varies based on the car owner — many owners will offer to deliver the car to you, but Turo does not require owners to provide this service.[3]
  • Restrictions: Restrictions are set by individual car owners.[4]
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Sixt logo

2. SIXT Rent a Car

  • Services offered: Some locations offer free pickup and drop-off services. SIXT also offers delivery to hotels from select branches.[5]
  • Delivery available? Yes, to hotels[5]
  • Restrictions: To find out if the branch where you’ve made your reservation offers pickup and drop-off services, call the reservation department at (888) 749-8227. For its delivery service, SIXT will not deliver to businesses or private residences.[5]
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Budget logo

3. Budget Rent a Car

  • Services offered: Free pickup and drop-off at many rental locations[6]
  • Delivery available? No[6]
  • Restrictions: Policies on hours of operation and distance limits vary by location. Call at least 24 hours in advance to confirm your options. Note that the one place Budget won’t pick you up is at an airport that already has a Budget location.[6]
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Avis logo

4. Avis Car Rental

  • Services offered: Free local pickup and drop-off service in some neighborhood locations,[7] as well as curbside delivery for Preferred, Preferred Plus, and Premium customers[8]
  • Delivery available? Only for Preferred, Preferred Plus, and Premium customers[8]
  • Restrictions: Call your rental location at least 24 hours in advance to book and confirm this service. Pickup and drop-off locations must be within five miles of the rental facility.[7]
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Enterprise logo

5. Enterprise

  • Services offered: Free pickup and drop-off at non-airport rental locations[9]
  • Delivery available? No[9]
  • Restrictions: You must be located within 10 miles of the rental office. Non-airport rental locations will not drop you off at an airport. You must call in advance to schedule and confirm your pickup/drop-off.[9]
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Hertz logo

6. Hertz

  • Services offered: Free pickup and drop-off at Hertz Local Edition locations[10]
  • Delivery available? Yes[11]
  • Restrictions: You must be located within a 15-minute drive. You can’t choose to be picked up or dropped off at an airport, and you must choose the pickup/drop-off locations while you’re making your online reservation (at least 24 hours in advance). You can only book pickup service at Hertz Local Edition locations.[10]
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Thrifty Car Rental logo

7. Thrifty Car Rental

  • Services offered: Free pickup and drop-off if you have a disability; call (800) 847-4389 ahead of time to schedule a pickup.[12] Most airport locations offer free shuttle services.[13]
  • Delivery available? No[13]
  • Restrictions: Only certain locations will offer shuttle services.[13]
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Rent-A-Wreck logo

8. Rent-a-Wreck

  • Services offered: Some locations offer free pickup and drop-off services.[14][15]
  • Delivery available? No[16]
  • Restrictions: Rent-a-Wreck is operated as individual franchises, so it’s up to each location whether it offer a shuttle service for pickups and drop-offs.[17] You can call the corporate number at (877) 877-0700 and ask to be connected to your local branch.[18]
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U-Save Car & Truck Rental Logo

9. U-Save

  • Services offered: Some locations — but not all — offer free pickup and drop-off services.[19]
  • Delivery available? No[19]
  • Restrictions: Only certain locations offer pickup and drop-off services. Call the location you’ve made your reservation with to see if it offer this service.[19]
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Dollar Car Rental logo

10. Dollar Rent a Car

  • Services offered: Free pickup and drop-off if you have a disability. Call (800) 800-3665 before you arrive at the airport to schedule a pickup.[20]
  • Delivery available? No[20]
  • Restrictions: Dollar Rent a Car only has airport locations.[20]
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Alamo logo

11. Alamo Rent a Car

  • Services offered: Free airport shuttle; no other pickup or drop-off services[21]
  • Delivery available? No[21]
  • Restrictions: Alamo only has airport locations.[21]
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Payless Car Rental logo

12. Payless Car Rental

  • Services offered: Free airport shuttle; no other pickup or drop off services[22]
  • Delivery available? No[22]
  • Restrictions: None[22]
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National Car Rental logo

13. National Car Rental

  • Services offered: Private airport delivery with Emerald Club membership; no other pickup or drop-off services[23]
  • Delivery available? Yes, with Emerald Club Executive Elite membership[23]
  • Restrictions: With this membership service, National will deliver your car to any private airport within 50 miles of its office.[23]
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