Where to Buy Discounted Gift Cards: 16 Best Online, In-Store Options Listed

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Short Answer

BJ’s Wholesale Club, Costco, and Sam’s Club offer gift cards in bulk at about a 20% to 25% discount, and REDcard members can save 5% on gift card purchases at Target. There are also several websites (both direct and third-party sellers) and mobile apps that offer discounted gift cards, including Amazon and Gift Card Mall. For more information on where to buy discounted gift cards, see below.

Where to Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Discounted gift cards are available from a variety of stores, websites, and mobile apps. Some sellers will require you to purchase gift cards in bulk, create an online account, or add an app to your mobile device to receive a discount. Below, we list the in-store and online options for purchasing gift cards at a discount.

In-Store Gift Card Discounts

Wholesale Clubs

To get a discount when purchasing gift cards at wholesale clubs, you must be a club member, and you must purchase a package of two or four gift cards for the same retailer or restaurant. The gift cards that are available at a special discount will be packaged together. Purchasing the gift cards in bulk saves you up to 25% off the face value amount of the gift cards. The following wholesale clubs offer discounts on bulk gift cards in stores and on their websites:


Target offers 5% off on specialty and third-party gift cards when you purchase them with your Target REDcard. The discount applies to both in-store purchases and online gift cards. Exclusions include American Express, Mastercard, and Visa gift cards, plus prepaid cards, Target’s own gift cards, Gift of College cards, and Stockpile cards.

Online Gift Card Discounts

The following websites offer gift cards for up to 35% off the card’s face value. Exact discount amounts will vary by brand and current availability, and for most sites, you will need to create an account in order to make a purchase. There are no additional fees, and physical cards are shipped to you free of charge — except at GiftCards.com, which charges about $2 per card for USPS Standard Mail.


  • Discount details: Amazon typically lists discount gift cards in the Today’s Deals section for around 20% off. These deals are available for a limited time, and the discounted brands change regularly.
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  • Discount details: Discounts vary by brand and may be anywhere from around 2% to 30% off.
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  • Discount details: Most discounts range from around 5% to 20% off.
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  • Discount details: Several retailers offer gift card discounts on eBay’s PayPal Digital Gifts page. You must have a valid U.S. PayPal account to purchase these gift cards. Note that these gift cards are sold directly from the companies; beware of discounted gift cards from individual sellers on eBay, especially if they do not offer a money-back guarantee.
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  • Discount details: eGifter offers various deals and promotions for gift card purchases, and you can earn points to redeem for more gift card discounts through the rewards program.
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Gift Card Granny

  • Discount details: Gift Card Granny allows you to buy gift cards at a discount or earn cash back on gift card purchases.
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Gift Card Mall

  • Discount details: Gift Card Mall offers limited-time discounts on select brands; once the gift cards sell out or the deal expires, Gift Card Mall may replace it with a different brand. Most discounts are $5 off of a $25 gift card purchase, with a maximum discount of $15 per customer.
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  • Discount details: GiftCards.com offers discounts on select brands, usually ranging from around 3% off to 20% off. The site also has a rewards program that allows you to earn G-Money points on full-price gift card purchases and use those points to get discounts on future gift card purchases. For every 100 points you earn, you can save $1.
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  • Discount details: Raise offers discounts ranging from around 3% to 30% and also offers around 1% to 10% in cash back on gift card purchases.
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  • Discount details: Staples.com offers discounted gift cards for several stores and restaurants, but these offers are typically for a few select stores at a time, and gift cards sell out fast.
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Mobile Apps

There are a few mobile apps that partner with retailers to allow you to buy discount gift cards when you sign up for the service and get the app:

Samsung Pay

  • Discount details: Samsung Pay users can buy, send, and receive gift cards within the app. Special offers (usually around 15% off) are available for select gift card brands.
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United MileagePlus X

  • Discount details: United MileagePlus X doesn’t usually sell gift cards at less than face value, but you can purchase gift cards using miles rather than a credit card. Additionally, when you buy gift cards through the app, you’ll earn up to five miles per dollar you spend, adding to your mileage balance.
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Places That Don’t Sell Discounted Gift Cards

In the course of our research, we found that the following places do not sell gift cards at a discount:

  • 7-Eleven
  • ALDI
  • Best Buy
  • CVS
  • The Home Depot
  • JCPenney
  • Kroger
  • Lowe’s
  • Meijer
  • Rite Aid
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart


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