11 Best Places to Buy Discounted Gift Cards (In-Store or Online)

Gift cards on display in a store

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Gift cards are great when you’re looking for alternatives to using your credit card, giving a present to others, or trying to control spending.

Purchasing discounted gift cards can also save you money, though these can be difficult to find.

To save you the trouble, I have the list of in-store and online options below, complete with the general discount you can expect from each one.

The List

In-Store and Online Discount Options

Note that some discounted gift cards offered by wholesalers are only sold in bulk.[1][2]

Membership is also required to purchase gift cards from BJ’s, Costco, and Sam’s Club.[3][4][5]

BJ's Wholesale Club logo

BJ’s Wholesale Club

Costco logo


  • Discount: Varies; generally 10% to 20% off[8][9]
  • Shop

Sam's Club logo

Sam’s Club

Target logo


  • Discount: 5% off specialty and third-party gift cards when using a Target RedCard[10]
  • Shop

Online-Only Discount Options

Discount amounts vary by brand and current availability, and for most sites, you will need to create an account in order to make a purchase.

CardCash logo


  • Discount: Varies by brand; generally from around 2% to 35% off[11][12]
  • Shop

Ebay logo


eGifter Gift Card Sales Logo


  • Discount: Generally around 2% to 20% off;[15] you can also earn points to save money when purchasing gift cards in the future through its rewards program.[16]
  • Shop

Gift Card Granny logo

Gift Card Granny


  • Discount: Varies; generally 5% off[18]
  • Shop



  • Discount: Generally 5% to 15% off[19]
  • Shop

Raise logo


  • Discount: Up to 30% off; earn up to 15% Raise cash on full-priced gift card purchases.[20]
  • Shop

Places That Don’t Sell Discounted Gift Cards

In the course of my research, I found that the following places do not sell gift cards at a discount:

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