43 Places Where You Can Use Your Discount Tire Credit Card

Discount Tire credit cards can be a convenient way to pay for purchases not just at Discount Tire, but also at other businesses.

However, you can't use the Discount Tire credit card everywhere -- only a select list of companies that partner with the card's issuer, Synchrony, accept it.

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You can use your Discount Tire credit card at stores in the U.S. that accept Synchrony Car Care. This includes select auto parts stores, gas stations, and vehicle repair shops.[1][2]

Below, I have the list of places where you can pay with a Discount Tire credit card, plus the places that don’t accept it and what else to know before you shop.

The List

The following brands are part of the Synchrony Car Care network and accept the Discount Tire credit card at most locations.[3]

Keep in mind that franchised locations generally set their own store policies and may not take Discount Tire credit cards.[4][5]

To confirm that a local business will accept your card, you can use Synchrony’s Car Care Retailer Locator.[3]

I contacted customer service representatives at these companies and viewed their online policy documentation to confirm their participation in the Synchrony Car Care network and acceptance of Discount Tire credit cards.

Tip: Discount Tire credit card promotions are only valid on Discount Tire purchases, not purchases made at any other business. Be aware, as well, that the Discount Tire credit card also does not offer rewards or points with any purchases (at Discount Tire or elsewhere).[63][64]

Places That Don’t Accept Discount Tire Credit Cards

The following gas stations and stores don’t typically accept Discount Tire credit cards.

I confirmed this by contacting customer service representatives from each business.

If you prefer to shop at these stores or want to consider your options before using your Discount Tire credit card for a purchase, see the list of more auto parts financing options.


Can you save money at Discount Tire with the Discount Tire credit card?

Yes, but how much you can save depends on its current deals and promotions. Find out more on Discount Tire’s credit card deals page.[73]

What’s the APR for Discount Tire credit cards?

The APR for new account holders is about 30% with a minimum interest charge of $2. The APR varies for existing cardholders; you can find your card’s APR in your credit card agreement. Note that Discount Tire offers some no-interest promotional financing plans for qualifying purchases.[73]

Does Discount Tire own Tire Rack? Are there any additional benefits when using the Discount Tire credit card there?

Discount Tire does own Tire Rack. However, Tire Rack doesn’t offer additional discounts or benefits for Discount Tire cardholders. Instead, it offers promotional financing for its own cardholders.[74][75][57]

In Summary

You can use your Discount Tire credit card anywhere within the Synchrony Car Care network, such as some gas stations, auto parts stores, and auto repair businesses.[1][2]

Keep in mind that Discount Tire credit card promotions are typically only valid on purchases made at Discount Tire, not at any other business.[63]

You can share your comments or questions about using your Discount Tire credit card below. If you’ve found some great local options, feel free to share them in the comments section, too.

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