27 Store Credit Cards With Instant Approval

If you frequently shop at a particular store and are looking to improve or repair your credit score, a retail credit card is an option to consider.

Store credit cards tend to have lower approval requirements than traditional credit cards and offer cardholder discounts, which can help you save money if you use the card wisely.

Many retailers provide approval decisions within minutes of submitting your application, whether you apply online or in-store at the register.

Mannequins in a clothing store that has a credit card with instant approval

Below, I’ve compiled the store credit cards that offer instant approval, including details about their requirements, where you can use them, and more.

What I Recommend

The overall best store credit card with instant approval is the Costco Anywhere Visa. You can use it at stores other than Costco and it has the lowest APR on my list — a non-variable rate of about 21% that applies to all card members.[1]

However, if you don’t shop at Costco, Amazon and Walmart offer open- and closed-loop credit card options with variable APRs ranging from about 19% to 30%.[2][3][4]

Keep in mind that store credit cards do require credit checks, and whenever a business does a “hard” credit check, it can lower your credit score by a few points.

Comparison Table

Use the table below to compare the store credit cards with instant approval.

You can sort the table using the arrows at the top of any column. Select each store name or scroll down to the list for more details.

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The List

Below, I list the store credit cards that provide an approval decision immediately after you apply.

I’ve ordered the list starting with the best overall options based on what you can buy with the card, as well as its interest rate. None of these cards charge annual fees.

Costco logo

1. Costco Anywhere Visa

  • Allows instant use? Yes[5]
  • Open or closed loop: Open[6]
  • Credit requirement: Very Good to Excellent[5]
  • APR: About 21%[1]
  • Apply
Walmart logo

2. Walmart Credit Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes[7]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; offers a store card and a Capital One Mastercard[7]
  • Credit requirement: Fair to Good[8]
  • APR: About 19% to 30%[4]
  • Apply
Amazon logo

3. Amazon Prime Credit Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes, for qualifying applicants who receive instant approval; otherwise, your physical card will arrive in about 10 business days.[9]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; offers a store card and a Visa card[10][11]
  • Credit requirement: No set minimum[9]
  • APR: About 20% to 30%[2][3]
  • Apply

Nordstrom logo

4. Nordstrom Credit Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes[12]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; offers a retail credit card and a Visa card[13]
  • Credit requirement: Good[14]
  • APR: About 25% to 32%[15]
  • Apply

Saks logo

5. Saks Fifth Avenue SaksFirst Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes[16]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; offers a closed-loop store card and a Mastercard[17]
  • Credit requirement: Good[16]
  • APR: About 29%[18][19]
  • Apply
Target logo

6. Target RedCard

  • Allows instant use? Yes, if you add opt-in to add the card to your Target.com wallet on your application[20]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; offers a store card and a Mastercard[21]
  • Credit requirement: Fair[22]
  • APR: About 30%[23]
  • Apply
Bass Pro logo

7. Bass Pro Shops CLUB Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes; for online purchases, you’ll need to link your new card information to your BassPro.com account.[24]
  • Open or closed loop: Open[25]
  • Credit requirement: Good[26]
  • APR: About 10% on purchases at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s; otherwise, about 21% to 33%[25]
  • Apply
Cabelas logo

8. Cabela’s CLUB Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes; online, you’ll need to create or log into a Cabela’s account and link your card information to the account.[27]
  • Open or closed loop: Open[28]
  • Credit requirement: Good[29]
  • APR: About 10% on Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops purchases; about 21% to 33% on other purchases, depending on your creditworthiness[28]
  • Apply
L.L. Bean logo

9. L.L.Bean Credit Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes[30]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; offers a store card and a Mastercard[30]
  • Credit requirement: Good[31]
  • APR: About 22% to 33%[30]
  • Apply
Sephora logo

10. Sephora Credit Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes[32]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; offers a store card and a Visa card[32]
  • Credit requirement: Fair to Good[33]
  • APR: About 24% to 32%[34]
  • Apply
Ulta logo

11. Ultamate Rewards Credit Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes[35]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; offers a store credit card and a Mastercard[36]
  • Credit requirement: Fair to Good[37]
  • APR: About 24% to 33%[36]
  • Apply

Belk logo

12. Belk Credit Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes[38]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; offers a store card and a Mastercard[39]
  • Credit requirement: Fair[38]
  • APR: About 29%[39]
  • Apply

Dillards logo

13. Dillard’s Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes[40]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; offers a closed-loop store card and an American Express card[40]
  • Credit requirement: Good[41]
  • APR: About 30%[42][43]
  • Apply

Macys logo

14. Macy’s Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes[44]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; offers a store card and an American Express card[45]
  • Credit requirement: Good[46]
  • APR: About 32%[47][48]
  • Apply

JCPenney logo

15. JCPenney Credit Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes; you can get a temporary card at a JCPenney store’s customer service desk.[49]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; offers a closed-loop card and a Mastercard[50]
  • Credit requirement: Fair[50]
  • APR: About 32%[51]
  • Apply
Old Navy logo

16. Old Navy Navyist Rewards Credit Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes[52]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; offers a store card and a Mastercard[52]
  • Credit requirement: Fair to Good[53]
  • APR: About 30%[54]
  • Apply
GAP logo

17. Gap Good Rewards Credit Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes[55]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; offers both a store card and a Mastercard[55]
  • Credit requirement: Fair to Good[56]
  • APR: About 30%[54]
  • Apply
Athleta Logo

18. Athleta Rewards Credit Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes[57]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; offers a store card and a Mastercard[57]
  • Credit requirement: Fair to Good[58]
  • APR: About 30%[54]
  • Apply
Best Buy logo

19. My Best Buy Credit Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes[59]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; offers a store card and a Visa card[60]
  • Credit requirement: Good[61]
  • APR: About 31%[62]
  • Apply
Williams Sonoma logo

20. Williams Sonoma Key Rewards Credit Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes, if you create a Williams Sonoma account[63]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; offers a Visa card and a store card that’s valid at Williams Sonoma, Williams Sonoma Home, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Teen, Pottery Barn Kids, West Elm, and Mark & Graham[64]
  • Credit requirement: No set minimum[65]
  • APR: About 31% to 32%[66]
  • Apply
Pottery Barn logo

21. Pottery Barn Credit Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes, for select applicants[67]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; has a store card (valid at Williams Sonoma, Williams Sonoma Home, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Barn Teen, West Elm, and Mark & Graham) and a Visa card[67]
  • Credit requirement: Fair[68]
  • APR: About 31% to 32%[69]
  • Apply

TJX Rewards logo

22. TJX Rewards Credit Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes[70]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; there’s a closed-loop store card (valid at T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Homesense, and Sierra Trading Post) and a Mastercard[71]
  • Credit requirement: Good[70]
  • APR: About 33%[71]
  • Apply
Wayfair logo

23. Wayfair Credit Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes[72]
  • Open or closed loop: Both; offers a store card and a Mastercard[72]
  • Credit requirement: No set minimum[73]
  • APR: About 33%[72]
  • Apply

Neiman Marcus logo

24. Neiman Marcus Credit Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes[74]
  • Open or closed loop: Closed; valid at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Last Call, and Horchow[75]
  • Credit requirement: Good[76]
  • APR: About 31%[77]
  • Apply
Lowes logo

25. Lowe’s Advantage Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes[78]
  • Open or closed loop: Closed[78]
  • Credit requirement: Fair to Good[79]
  • APR: About 29%[78]
  • Apply

Kohls logo

26. Kohl’s Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes[80]
  • Open or closed loop: Closed[81]
  • Credit requirement: Fair[82]
  • APR: About 32%[81]
  • Apply

Boscovs logo

27. Boscov’s Credit Card

  • Allows instant use? Yes[83]
  • Open or closed loop: Closed[84]
  • Credit requirement: Fair[85]
  • APR: About 32%[86]
  • Apply

Other Cards to Consider

Instant approval is convenient if you need to make a purchase soon, but before committing to a credit card, you should consider all of your options — and your qualifications as a borrower.

If you have poor credit or minimal credit history, you might want to prioritize cards with less strict approval requirements, even if you have to wait a few weeks to get a credit decision or use the card. Consider a store credit card with generous approval odds.

Tip: Store credit cards often have high interest rates compared to other credit cards. If you don’t think you’ll be able to pay off your purchases before they accrue interest, or you can get approved for a card with a better interest rate, you might want to apply for a standard credit card instead.


Are there any store credit cards with guaranteed approval?

There are no stores that give credit to anyone — all credit cards have requirements that applicants must meet for approval. The credit card issuer will typically check your credit history (including any previous defaults or missed payments), your income, and your debt-to-income ratio before deciding whether to approve you.[8][9][22]

What is the easiest store credit card to get with bad credit?

Because issuers approve applicants on a case-by-case basis, there is no single card that’s easiest to get. However, in general, you will have an easier time getting approved for a store card (valid only on purchases at that particular store) than an open-loop Mastercard or Visa.[8][9][22]

Why might an instant decision not be given for a store credit card?

Usually, when you don’t receive an instant decision, it’s because the credit card issuer needs to manually confirm some of the information on your application. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll receive a denial. For example, the issuer might want to check your credit report to confirm whether you’ve opened any other credit accounts recently.[8][9][22]

Do store credit cards require money down?

No — you won’t need to put any money down when applying for a store credit card. Credit cards can be “secured” (requiring a down payment) or “unsecured” (requiring no down payment).[87] All of the store credit cards on my list above fall into the unsecured category.

In Summary

A variety of stores, including Costco, Walmart, Amazon, Target, department stores like Macy’s, and specialty retailers like Sephora offer credit cards with instant approval.

Many even allow you to use the credit card the same day that you apply if you qualify for instant approval.

However, you should be aware that store cards often have higher APRs than other credit cards, and you should only open a credit card if you’re prepared to pay off your purchases in a timely manner.

If you have any questions about these cards or want to share your experiences with the approval process, feel free to leave a comment below.

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