Get $10 Bills at These ATMs

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Short Answer

Select Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, and PNC ATMs give $10 bills. However, note that your bank and your account type will dictate whether or not you can withdraw just $10. Major ATM networks like Cardtronics or Allpoint don’t offer cash in $10 increments.

ATMs That Give $10

Most ATMs give cash in $20 increments, including major ATM brands Cardtronics and Allpoint.[1][2]

To find out which bank-operated ATMs offer $10 bills, we contacted popular ATM networks and several major banks (including Chase, Fifth Third Bank, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo).

Corporate and branch customer service representatives told us that select ATMs operated by the following banks offer cash in $10 increments:

  • Bank of America[3][4]
  • Capital One[5]
  • Chase (only at ATMs located inside Chase branches)[6]
  • PNC[7]

None of the other banks we contacted give $10 in cash at the ATM. To find out if a particular ATM gives $10 bills, contact the nearest branch of your bank.

Withdrawal Minimums

Keep in mind that some banks set ATM withdrawal minimums. That means, depending on your bank and your account type, you may not be able to withdraw just $10 even if the ATM offers $10 increments.

ATM limits vary on an individual basis depending on your bank’s policies; if you have trouble withdrawing the amount of cash you need, you should contact your bank’s customer service department or visit a teller inside the bank.

Other Ways to Get $10 in Cash

Since few banks offer $10 bills at ATMs, you might want to consider using your debit card to make a purchase and getting $10 in cash back instead. See our related list of stores that give $5 and $10 cash back.

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  2. Cardtronics customer service (800) 786-9666[]
  3. Bank of America customer service (800) 432-1000[]
  5. Capital One customer service (800) 655-2265[]
  6. Chase customer service (800) 935-9935[]
  7. PNC customer service (888) 762-2265[]

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