Where to Find ATMs That Give $10 Bills

ATMs are a convenient and quick way to get cash in your hands.

However, since ATMs traditionally dispense $20 bills, it can be challenging to find one that offers cash in increments of $10.

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The ATM network Allpoint and a few large national banks offer some ATMs that dispense $10 bills.[1][2][3][4][5]

Below, I explain where to find ATMs with $10 bills — and where not to go.

ATMs That Give $10

Most ATMs give cash in $20 increments, though some also have the option to request increments of $10, including select bank ATMs and Allpoint-powered ATMs.[1][2][5]

I reviewed ATM policy documentation and contacted customer service representatives from several major banks to find out more about getting $10 at ATMs.

Bank ATMs

Bank ATMs don’t always operate the same way at every location, so your nearest branch might only offer $20 bills.

However, there are several banks that offer $10 bills at some of their ATMs, and some even let you choose which denomination or combination of bills you want.[2]

The following banks have some ATMs that dispense $10 increments:

  • Bank of America[2][6]
  • Fifth Third Bank[3]
  • PNC (available at PNC DepositEasy ATMs)[7][4]
  • Wells Fargo[8][5]

Note that you can’t use the bank’s ATM locator to see whether $10 bills are available;[9][10][11][12] you’ll need to either visit the ATM or call the branch where the ATM is located and ask.

Allpoint ATMs

The Allpoint ATM network (operated by Cardtronics) owns over 50,000 ATMs located in stores like CVS, Walgreens, and Kroger.[13] Some of its ATMs offer $10 bills.[1]

You can find a nearby ATM using the Allpoint locator. You can also use the Allpoint app (available for iOS and Android), which allows you to see the cash withdrawal limit at each ATM.

However, note that the online locator and app don’t allow you to see which ATMs have $10 bills available; you’ll need to visit the particular ATM to see which denominations you can choose between.[1]

Banks That Don’t Offer $10 at the ATM

In the course of my research, I found that some banks don’t offer increments of $10 at their ATMs.

None of the following banks’ ATMs dispense $10 bills:


Since your nearest ATMs may not dispense $10 bills, you might want to consider making a purchase and getting $10 in cash back at the register instead.

Tip: Most stores don’t require a minimum purchase for cash back, so you can buy something as small as a pack of gum or a bottle of water to get cash back.

Check out the list of stores that give $5 and $10 cash back. This includes each option’s cash back limits and what payment types you can use to get cash back.


How can you avoid ATM withdrawal fees?

You can generally avoid ATM fees by visiting your own bank or credit union’s ATM to make withdrawals.[20][21]

What should you do if the ATM doesn’t dispense the correct amount of cash?

You should contact the bank or the ATM network to explain what happened. Be sure to hold onto the receipt and any other available documentation of what occurred.[22]

Can you deposit $10 at the ATM?

Yes, if your bank and account type allows you to deposit cash at the ATM, you can generally deposit $10 in cash.[19][23]

In Summary

You can withdraw increments of $10 at some Bank of America, Fifth Third Bank, PNC, and Wells Fargo ATMs or from select Allpoint ATMs.[1][2][3][4][5]

If you can’t find an ATM with $10 bills near. you, you can instead make a purchase and get cash back at participating stores.

Be sure to leave questions or comments you may have about getting $10 at the ATM below. You’re also welcome to share any advice you have that may be useful to others.

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