Chase Bank Medallion Signature Guarantee Services Explained

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Short Answer — Chase offers medallion signature guarantee services free of charge for account holders. This service is only available at select branches with Chase Private Client banking services. For more on the service and how to make an appointment, see below.

Does Chase Bank Offer Medallion Signature Guarantee Services?

Chase Bank provides medallion signature guarantee STAMP services for free — but at select locations and only for account holders. Only branches with Chase Private Client services offer this service.

While account requirements and restrictions may vary by branch, Chase generally requires an open, active Chase credit card or bank account to get a medallion signature guarantee, corporate and branch customer service representatives told us.

For a better idea of how standard medallion signature guarantee services work at Chase Bank, we contacted several locations across the U.S.


About 60% of the branches we called offer medallion signature guarantees.

At Chase Bank branches where medallion signature guarantee services are available, there may be one or more employees who can offer the service; as a result, exact availability and hours will vary by branch.

If your local Chase Bank doesn’t offer a medallion signature guarantee, or you want more options, see our list of other places where you can get a medallion signature guarantee.


Appointments aren’t required but may be helpful if your branch has limited availability. If you’re an account holder, contact your local Chase branch to find out which services are available (and when), to find out which documents you need to bring, or to make an appointment.


A medallion signature guarantee is most commonly used when you own a physical security — such as a stock or bond — and want to sell it or make a transfer without a broker. Transfer agents often require your signature to be “guaranteed” to help prevent fraud.

In other words, a medallion signature guarantee is a way to prove you are who you say you are. Note that not all banks will process medallion signature guarantees for all types of transfers. Policies and restrictions are set at the bank’s discretion.

Chase Bank or other banks that offer medallion signatures may deny your request under certain conditions per their internal policies. As such, it is always best to contact the branch and discuss your situation with a qualified employee before visiting.

More Information

For more on Chase Bank services, see our articles on check cashing at Chase Bank and Chase Bank’s notary service fee.


  • Stephen MacDonald

    I had the same problem. This is garbage service for Chase customers. Trying to rollover a 401k to 401k between 3rd party plans. Not a single suggestion where to go to obtain one. At both Chase branches I went to and also when calling Chase customer service. The seven other banks I called would only provide one if I was a customer.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, Stephen. We’re sorry to hear about your frustrating experience! Our related article on other places to get a medallion signature guarantee may be helpful to you — most banks and brokerages do require you to be a customer, but there are a couple of options like eSignature Guarantee which are available to everyone. Best of luck!

  • A

    In the midst of this process, and discovered that whether or not Chase will assist is not only dependent on employee availability (understandable), but also on the particular transfer scenario. I discovered Chase has an internal policy not to provide MSG for same-name trustee to trustee transfers, even if you are a current account holder. The specific scenario is a 401k to 401k between 3rd party plans. Even the employees who were generally able to assist with this, at different branches, were surprised once they called into a support line to verify that pre-reqs had been satisfied. No discretion to proceed, nor suggestions on where else to obtain one.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      We’re sorry to hear you’ve had difficulty securing a medallion signature guarantee, A! We have added a note to this article regarding Chase’s restrictions. We also have an article listing other places to get a medallion signature guarantee which may help you find an alternative — though most banks and brokerage firms do restrict this service to current account holders. We hope you are able to resolve this situation soon!

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