If you want a medallion signature guarantee, Chase is somewhere to consider. Chase offers medallion signature guarantee services free of charge for its account holders. For more on the service and how to make an appointment, see below.

Does Chase Bank Offer Medallion Signature Guarantee Services?

Chase Bank provides medallion signature guarantee STAMP services for free — for account holders only. Each Chase location has at least one employee who can offer a medallion signature guarantee, a Chase support representative said. If you are an account holder, contact your local Chase branch to make an appointment.

A medallion signature guarantee is most commonly used when you own a physical security — such as a stock or bond — and want to sell it or make a transfer without a broker. Transfer agents often require your signature to be “guaranteed.” This helps prevent fraud. In other words, a medallion signature guarantee is a way to prove you are who you say you are. To get a medallion signature guarantee, you’ll need to go to a bank, credit union, or brokerage firm.

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In Summary

Chase offers medallion signature guarantee services for free for account holders. The service should be available at every branch location. For more on Chase Bank services, see our article: Chase Bank Check Cashing Policy and Chase Bank Notary Service Fee.