Chase QuickPay Pending Review: What It Means & What to Do

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Short Answer — Chase QuickPay transactions are usually available to the recipient within minutes. A QuickPay transaction that is “pending review” has encountered a complication, and the company may need a few days to resolve the issue. If the issue cannot be resolved, your transaction will be canceled and refunded back to you.

What Does Chase QuickPay “Pending Review” Mean?

Chase QuickPay, backed by Zelle, allows Chase account holders to transfer money electronically. Transactions typically process within minutes, but sometimes, a transaction may be delayed and marked as “pending review.”

We contacted Chase Bank’s corporate customer service and found that there are several reasons why a transaction may be designated as pending review.[1]

For a vast majority of cases, pending transactions happen when the recipient hasn’t properly enrolled in QuickPay or a Zelle-backed account (if they are not a Chase account holder), we were told.

If the recipient never creates an account, your Chase QuickPay transaction will expire in 10 days and be refunded back to you.[2][3]

Chase provides FAQ documentation with further information about how QuickPay works. For recipients who are not Chase customers, transactions can take one to two business days to process, and they may have a status of “pending” or “processing” during this time.

If your transaction has been pending for over three days, it is best to contact Chase Bank directly for assistance.[4]

There are other scenarios when your Chase QuickPay transaction may be put under “pending review.” If your transaction is marked as a suspicious or potentially illegitimate transaction, it won’t go through immediately. The company may need a few days to resolve these issues.[1]

You may want to contact Chase to clear up any concerns if you believe your transaction has been marked as suspicious.

Changing or Canceling a Transaction

Once you initiate a Chase QuickPay transaction, if it is simply marked as “pending,” this means the funds have not left your account, and you should be able to edit or cancel the payment from the “Money Sent” tab.[2]

If your transaction is pending review, depending on the reason for the delay, you may be able to make changes to it, and you should be able to cancel it as long as it is still pending.

If you do not see the “Edit” option above the payment, you can contact Chase to figure out your options.

If the result of the transaction review is to cancel the payment, Chase QuickPay will do this automatically, and the funds will remain in your account.[2]

If your transactions are continuously marked as pending review and canceled for suspicious reasons, you may face further action, such as account suspension.

Transactions “Pending Acceptance”

If you send a payment and it is marked as “pending acceptance,” this means the recipient has been notified of the payment but has not yet accepted it.

You cannot make any changes to these payments, but you can cancel them.[2]

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