Does Coinstar Take Dollar Coins? Half Dollars? Solved

Short Answer — Coinstar accepts half-dollar coins minted after 1969 and dollar coins, among other coins. Find the full guide to what Coinstar accepts below.

What Types of Coins Does Coinstar Accept?

Coinstar machines can process the following types of coins:

  • Pennies ($0.01)
  • Nickel ($0.05); including new design
  • Dime ($0.10)
  • Quarter ($0.25); including state series and later
  • Half dollars minted after 1969 ($0.50)
  • One dollar ($1.00); including Susan B Anthony, Sacagawea, and newer Presidential series

Please note that some kiosk locations accept bills, too.

What Types of Coins Does Coinstar Not Accept?

Coinstar machines cannot accept the following coins:[1]

  • 1943 US pennies ($0.01)
  • Silver 1964 and prior dimes ($0.10)
  • Silver 1964 and prior quarters ($0.25)
  • Silver 1969 and prior half dollars ($0.50)
  • Eisenhower silver dollars ($1.00)
  • Bent coins
  • Commemorative coins
  • Damaged coins
  • Very dirty coins
  • Foreign coins

How Does Coinstar Work?

Coinstar kiosks are simple to operate, but before heading to the kiosk, it’s best to make sure your coins are clean and dry and that you’ve removed any unwanted objects that may disrupt the counting process (i.e. dirt, paper, etc.). Once your coins are clean and you’ve arrived at the kiosk, start by selecting your preference for redeeming your coins: cash, eGift card, or a donation to charity. Then, place your coins in the coin tray and lift the handle to dispense them into the sorter. You’ll hear the machine sorting your money, and the coin count and dollar amount will show up on the screen. It will spit out any coins that are not accepted, so don’t forget to check the return tray. Once all of the coins have been counted, you’ll receive a paper voucher for cash, an eGift card, or a receipt for your donation.

Please note that if you think you have more than $3,000 in coins, you should contact Customer Service at (800) 928-2274 before trying to process all of it at once; they may be able to provide you with special assistance.[1]

How Can You Redeem Your Coins?

After the machine has counted your coins, you have three options for receiving their value.

1. Cash

Cash might seem like the easiest and best option, but in order to get cash, you have to pay an 11.9% fee (fees may vary by location). If you do choose cash, once all of your coins are counted up, you’ll receive a voucher for the total amount less 11.9%. Take the voucher to the cashier in the store, and he or she will give you the cash. Be sure to collect your cash the same day the voucher is printed.

2. eGift Card

Note: Not all kiosks offer this as a form of redemption payment.

The selection of eGift cards varies by kiosk. Some options you may come across include, AMC, Old Navy, Nike, and Starbucks. Check Coinstar’s website to see if your store of choice makes the cut! Unlike the cash option, there is no fee to redeem a gift card.

Once you select your preferred eGift card and have deposited the coins, you’ll receive your eGift card voucher. At the top of the voucher, there will be a unique code that you can use anytime to shop at the retail store or online.

3. Make a Donation to a Charity of Your Choice

Note: Not all kiosks offer this as a form of redemption payment.

A third option for redeeming your coins is to donate your coins to charity. When you select this option, you aren’t charged a fee and all of your money will go to your preferred charity. After completing the transaction, you’ll receive a receipt, and Coinstar will make the donation on your behalf. Your choices of charities include:

  • American Red Cross
  • Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
  • Feeding America
  • The Humane Society of the United States
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Unicef
  • United Way
  • WWF (World Wildlife Foundation)

Does Coinstar take dollar coins? Does Coinstar take half dollars? It depends but using this chart, you’ll be able to tell if your coins will be accepted.

With its easy step-by-step process and convenience, Coinstar is a great option to get rid of all that unwanted change. It’s time to gather up the change you’ve been hoarding in your car or under your couch cushions, and check out our list of places with coin counter machines for all the details of where you can find Coinstar and other coin counters.

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