Where Can You Get a Comchek? Answered

Yellow rig pulling into a truck stop parking lot to get a Comchek

Short Answer

If you have an account code, you can order a single Comchek or a booklet of Comcheks online from Comdata. Prices vary based on the number of checks you order. Also, major truck stops typically have blank Comcheks available at their fuel desks; customers can pick these up for free. Below, we have more details on where you can get a Comchek and how to order Comdata checks.

Where Can I Get a Comchek?

Comdata Comcheks are used by freight brokers and fleets to pay carriers. The issuer may use a Comchek for a predetermined amount as payment for a driver’s services, to cover repairs, or as a fuel advance.

With the introduction of digital options like Comchek Mobile, fewer fleet companies are using physical Comcheks; however, some trucking and loading operations still prefer them. If you drive for a freight broker or other company that uses Comcheks, the company should provide you with at least a few blank Comcheks. But, if you find yourself in need of a Comchek, here’s where to go:


You can order Comcheks directly from Comdata. You’ll need to enter your account code to access the online catalog and place an order. Note that Comdata does not offer printable Comchek templates.

  • Available quantities: Single checks and booklets of checks
  • Cost: Varies by quantity; Comdata customer service representatives were unable to share pricing information with us, as prices are only accessible with an account number
  • How to get blank Comcheks: Order online at OrderComcheks.com

Truck Stops

Major truck stops will typically have blank Comcheks available, and some truck stops can print them in-store. Where available, there is no fee to print a Comchek at a truck stop. You’ll need to provide the cashier with your Express Code and driver information to print a Comchek; quantities vary by location, but you can typically get up to three blank Comcheks at one time.

We contacted several major truck stop chains in the U.S., and the following told us that they usually had Comcheks available:

Cashing Comcheks

You can cash a Comchek at any of the truck stops mentioned above, as well as at any bank, as long as you get authorization from Comdata to use the Express Code on the check. Once authorized, the Comchek can be cashed like a regular check with no fees. However, if you are using a Comchek at a truck stop and you are not purchasing any fuel, you may be charged a processing fee.

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