Where to Get a Comchek Explained

If you have an account code, you can order a booklet of Comcheks online from Comdata.

However, it's also helpful to know where you can pick them up in a hurry, such as when you're on the road and need one to fuel up or for immediate automotive repairs.

Yellow rig pulling into a truck stop parking lot to get a Comchek

In this case, you can pick up Comcheks from several truck stop chains, including Love’s Travel Stops and TravelCenters of America.

Below, I detail where you can get Comcheks, including the list of major U.S. truck stops where you can generally pick them up for free.

Where Can You Get a Comchek?

With the introduction of digital options like Comchek Mobile, fewer fleet companies are using physical Comcheks; however, some trucking and loading operations still use them.[1]

If you drive for a freight broker or other company that uses Comcheks, the company should provide you with at least a few blank Comcheks.[1]

If you find yourself in need of more checks than the company provides, there are a few ways to get more.

From Comdata

You can order Comcheks directly from Comdata’s website. You’ll need to enter your account code to access the online catalog and place an order.[2][3]

The cost varies by quantity; Comdata customer service representatives were unable to share specific pricing information with me, as prices are only accessible with an account number.[3][4]

At Truck Stops

Major truck stops will typically have blank Comcheks available, and some truck stops can print them in-store.

Quantities vary by location, but you can typically get up to three blank Comcheks at one time.[5]

Where available, there is no fee to print a Comchek at a truck stop.[6][7] You’ll just need to provide the cashier with your Express Code and driver information.[5]

I contacted several major truck stop chains in the U.S., and the following said they usually have Comcheks available:

  • Flying J Travel Centers[8]
  • Love’s Travel Stops[6][9]
  • TravelCenters of America[7]
  • Pilot Travel Centers[10]
  • Road Ranger[5]
  • Sapp Bros. Travel Centers[11]

Cashing Comcheks

Customer service representatives at the truck stops I contacted told me that you can cash a Comchek at any of their locations, though they may charge fees.[5][7][8]

You can also generally cash Comcheks at banks without any fees as long as you have an account.[12][13]

Tip: You’ll need an authorization code beforehand to cash a Comdata check, regardless of where you cash the check.[13][14] To register the check and get an authorization code, call the Comdata Interactive Voice Response system at (800) 741-6060.[14]


Do truck stops charge a fee for using a Comchek?

Most truck stops charge a fee for using a Comchek. For example, Road Ranger and TravelCenters of America generally charge around 3%, but may waive the fee if you’re buying more than a certain minimum amount of fuel.[5][7]

Is there a limit to how much you can write a Comchek for at a truck stop?

Yes, there is a limit, though it varies by the truck stop. If you need to write a Comchek for more than the truck stop will allow, it may let you write more than one.[5][7][8]

Does Walmart cash Comcheks?

No, Walmart will not cash Comcheks.[15]

In Summary

Using your account code, you can order Comcheks online from Comdata.[1][16]

You can also pick up Comcheks at many truck stops for free; some truck stops will even print them using your Express Code and driver information.[6][7]

When you’re ready to use or cash a Comchek, you can also do so at a truck stop, though there is usually a variable fee for this service.[5][7][8]

Feel free to share personal experiences you’ve had with getting Comcheks online or on the road in the comments section below. You can also ask questions or share helpful advice with others.

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