15 ATMs With Free EBT Transactions

Woman using her EBT card at a free ATM

When you have an EBT card and receive cash assistance benefits (rather than food assistance/SNAP), you can use the card at ATMs to make cash withdrawals.

Many ATMs charge fees for EBT transactions, but there are a number of banks and ATMs that offer fee-free withdrawals from state-issued EBT cards to ensure that recipients can access the funds they need.

Note that your state may charge its own fees (outside of ATM surcharges) if you make more than a certain number of withdrawals per month. For example, West Virginia charges a $1 fee for your fourth transaction within a month.[1]

Below, we explain how to find surcharge-free ATMs in your state and list some of the major banks that may have surcharge-free ATM locations near you.

How to Find Surcharge-Free EBT ATMs by State

Surcharges for EBT transactions at ATMs often vary by location. For example, a bank may offer surcharge-free withdrawals within a certain county or at half of its ATMs within a particular state.

The best way to find surcharge-free ATMs near you is to check with your benefits agency.

The following states provide public lists of surcharge-free ATMs at the time of writing:

If you live in a state that doesn’t provide a list of surcharge-free ATMs, you can find your benefits agency’s user portal and contact details in our research on replacing lost EBT cards.

If you have trouble finding surcharge-free ATMs in your area or want to avoid ATM fees altogether, you may have the option to receive your cash assistance benefits through direct deposit rather than on an EBT card.[2][3][4]

Availability varies by state, so contact your benefits agency to see if you’re eligible for direct deposit.

ATMs That May Be Surcharge-Free

We checked with various state benefits agencies and found that the following banks and ATM networks offer at least some surcharge-free ATM locations for EBT transactions:

While the ATMs listed above are operated by major national or regional banks, there may also be smaller, regional banks in your area with ATMs that don’t charge EBT fees.

If there are no fee-free ATMs near you, you may be able to get cash back from your EBT card at a store. See our article for information about how to get cash back from an EBT card.

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