EBT Card Deposit Times Detailed by State

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Knowing when you’ll receive your EBT benefits can help you organize your grocery budget, meal plans, and monthly bills.

Both food assistance and cash benefits will usually appear on your EBT card between midnight and 9 a.m. on the deposit date, but the timing varies by state.

Your deposit date will also vary depending on your state’s EBT issuance schedule.

Most states base your deposit date on your case number or last name;[1][2][3][4] for example, case numbers ending in “1” might receive benefits on the fifth of each month.

We list the deposit time for each state, plus how to confirm your deposit date below.

EBT Card Deposit Times by State

We viewed each state’s EBT program documentation and contacted EBT customer service to compile the deposit times detailed in the table below.

Your exact deposit time may vary within these guidelines. (For instance, if the state issues benefits after 6 a.m., you might receive yours at 8:45 a.m. or 9:30 a.m.)

Within the table, you can select each state name to view the issuance schedule and confirm your date of deposit.

State Deposit Time
AlabamaAround 12 a.m.
AlaskaBy 6 a.m.
ArizonaBy 5 a.m.
ArkansasAround 12 a.m.
CaliforniaAround 12 a.m.
ColoradoAround 12 a.m.
ConnecticutAround 12 a.m.
DelawareBy 6 a.m.
District of ColumbiaAround 12 a.m.
FloridaBy 6 a.m.
GeorgiaBy 6 a.m.
HawaiiAround 12 a.m.
IdahoAround 12 a.m.
IllinoisBy 3 a.m.
IndianaBy 6 a.m.
IowaAround 12 a.m.
KansasBy 6 a.m.
KentuckyBy 5 a.m.
LouisianaBy 5 a.m.
MaineAround 12 a.m.
MarylandAround 12 a.m.
MassachusettsBy 11 a.m.
MichiganAround 12 a.m.
MinnesotaAfter 6 a.m.
MississippiAround 12 a.m.
MissouriAround 12 a.m.
MontanaAt 12:01 a.m.
NebraskaBy 8 a.m.
NevadaBy 7 a.m.
New HampshireAt 6 a.m.
New JerseyAround 12 a.m.
New MexicoAround 12 a.m.
New YorkAround 12 a.m.
North CarolinaAfter 6 a.m.
North DakotaAround 12 a.m.
OhioAround 12 a.m.
OklahomaAround 12 a.m.
OregonAfter 8 a.m.
PennsylvaniaBy 6 a.m.
Rhode IslandBeginning at 5 a.m.
South CarolinaAround 12 a.m.
South DakotaAround 12 a.m.
TennesseeAround 12 a.m.
TexasAround 12 a.m.
UtahAfter 6 a.m.
VermontAround 12 a.m.
VirginiaAround 12 a.m.
WashingtonBy 9 a.m.
West VirginiaBetween 12 a.m. and 8 a.m.
WisconsinAround 12 a.m.
WyomingAround 12 a.m.
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Note that some states offer the option to receive your benefits through direct deposit rather than on an EBT card.[5][6][7][8]

The disbursement time will usually be the same with either method, but keep in mind that processing times for direct deposits varies by the bank (typically one to three days).[6][9][10]


If your EBT deposit doesn’t appear on your card as expected, you’ll need to contact your state’s EBT customer service line.

Benefits agents told me that if you don’t receive your deposit, you should always call the EBT hotline rather than report it through your online account or app.

See my research on lost EBT cards for the list of each state’s EBT contact number.

Using Your Benefits

Once you’ve received your deposit, find out how and where to use your benefits with the lists of SNAP-approved items you can buy with EBT, stores that accept EBT, and food delivery services that take EBT cards.

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