Can I Get a Same-Day EBT Card Replacement? Answered

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Short Answer

You may be able to get a replacement EBT card on the same day you request it if your local benefits administration office allows in-person replacement. However, this is only commonly available in New Jersey and New York City; most EBT agencies deliver replacement cards by mail.

Can I Get a Same-Day EBT Card Replacement?

Typically, you cannot get a new Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card the same day you request it. We confirmed this information by checking the EBT replacement policies in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Most states ask that you request a replacement for a lost or damaged card by phone or in the online EBT cardholder portal. Your state- or county-operated benefits agency will then mail a new card to the address it has on file for you.

However, local benefits administration offices in select states may allow you to request a replacement card in person.

To find more information about the EBT card replacement process in your state — including how to request a new card and whether there are any fees — see our further research on lost EBT cards.

In-Person Card Replacement

Of the agencies we checked with, only New Jersey and New York City (not the entire state of New York) regularly allow in-person card replacement.

Note that the availability of in-person card replacements varies by location, even in states that typically allow such replacements.

New Jersey

If you live in New Jersey, you can report EBT card loss or damage by phone and pick up your new card at your County Board of Social Services office.

Depending on when you call, you may be able to pick up your card the same day. The customer service hotline is available 24/7, but card pick-up is only available during office hours.

If you call too late in the day or the office is particularly busy, you may need to wait until a different day to pick up your card.

Office hours vary by location and are sometimes available by appointment only; New Jersey’s Department of Human Services lists office hours and contact information for each county.

New York City

New York City residents who receive cash assistance or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits can get same-day card replacements.

If you qualify for a same-day replacement, you’ll need to show a photo ID at an EBT Over-the-Counter (OTC) site.

There are two OTC sites at the time of this writing: Manhattan (at 109 E 16th Street, ground floor) and Brooklyn (at 227 Schermerhorn Street, ground floor).

Accessing EBT Benefits Without a Card

You cannot access your benefits until you receive your new EBT card.

Keep in mind that the government does not allow benefit recipients to use the card number, a photo ID, or their phone number to pay for purchases with EBT or access cash assistance benefits. You must have the physical EBT card.

Even if your state generally allows by-mail replacement only, it may be worth contacting your local benefits office to see if there are any expedited options.

Though the state will usually send out your new card within one to three days of your request, replacements by mail may take up to 10 days to arrive.

Some local benefit administrator’s offices will offer in-person cards to those facing household emergencies who can prove an immediate need to access their benefits.

Note that EBT benefits do roll over, as previously reported. If you are unable to use all of your benefits by the end of the month because you’re waiting for a new card, those benefits will still be available to you when your new card arrives.


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