EBT Food Delivery: List of Grocery Stores That Accept EBT for Delivery

Using EBT cards for online grocery ordering and grocery delivery is not common. EBT cards will soon be available for online grocery ordering and possibly delivery through select participating retailers in select states as part of a pilot program by the USDA. Keep reading for the details of two pilot programs approved by the USDA involving EBT food delivery, plus which stores deliver groceries bought with EBT cards outside of these special programs.

The 2016 EBT Food Delivery Pilot (Discontinued)

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a federal program, overseen by the USDA, that provides money to low-income Americans for groceries. SNAP benefits are administered at the state level, and states issue Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards for participants to use to pay for groceries. If you are a SNAP recipient, your EBT card will be loaded each month with funds to buy approved grocery items.

The USDA has been exploring ways to expand the program to allow recipients to use their EBT cards to pay for food delivery. In 2016, the USDA launched a pilot program that allowed elderly and disabled SNAP recipients to purchase groceries online and have them delivered. According to the USDA’s website, nearly one in five SNAP recipients is elderly or disabled. These recipients face challenges when it comes to grocery shopping. Often times, just getting to the grocery store and back can be a difficult task. Having EBT grocery delivery options available may provide these recipients with easier access to healthy food.

Only a few organizations and states were selected to participate in this pilot. They were all governmental or nonprofit organizations that provided food delivery services to elderly or disabled persons who are unable to go grocery shopping. This pilot program allowed participating organizations to accept EBT payments from SNAP recipients who were elderly or disabled and in need of grocery delivery services. The following organizations and locations participated in the pilot program:

  • Denver Food Rescue (Denver, CO)
  • Lutheran Social Services of Nevada (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Many Infinities, Inc. (Alabaster, AL)
  • Senior Services of Alexandria (Alexandria, VA)
  • Store to Door (Roseville, MN)

The SNAP food delivery pilot ended in August 2017, so if you were participating in the program, or heard about the program and wanted to participate, you won’t be able to any longer. The USDA has not implemented a program based on the pilot as of yet; however, they have not ruled out creating a food delivery program in the future.

The 2017 EBT Online Ordering Pilot (Still Going Today)

A second pilot that has been initiated by the USDA that allows SNAP recipients to purchase groceries online. Unlike the EBT food delivery pilot in 2016, not all of the stores participating in this online shopping pilot provide delivery services. In some cases, the groceries may be purchased online but must then be picked up in the store.

Participating States

Not all states are participating in this pilot. To date, the following states are expected to participate:

  • Alabama
  • Iowa
  • Maryland
  • Nebraska
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Washington

Participating Retailers

While the USDA anticipates all approved retailers to be actively participating in the pilot by 2019, some retailers are already accepting EBT payments for online grocery shopping. Below, we’ve provided the list of retailers that have been accepted to participate in this EBT online shopping pilot. For those retailers already accepting EBT payments, we’ve outlined their store policies regarding the pilot. Note that this pilot is only open to recipients living in the above states.


  • Pilot Status: Approved and accepting EBT in select markets
  • Delivery Area: New York only at the time of this writing (July 2019), according to the Amazon SNAP EBT FAQ
  • Minimum Purchase: There is no minimum purchase to place an order; however, to receive free shipping, the minimum order is $50 for AmazonFresh or $25 for Amazon Grocery and Prime Pantry.
  • Payment Method: New York SNAP EBT card. You can also combine your EBT card with another form of payment, such as a credit card, if the order includes non-SNAP eligible items.
  • Fees: Prime membership fees are not required. Delivery fees of $5.99 to $9.99 will apply if you don’t meet the minimum order amount for free shipping.
  • According to Amazon’s website and an Amazon customer service representative, Amazon currently accepts EBT as a form of payment in New York only. The customer service representative did not have a date as to when Amazon will expand this program to more markets.

Dash’s Market

  • Pilot Status: Approved but not yet accepting EBT
  • Delivery Area: Not yet known
  • Minimum Purchase: Not yet known
  • Payment Method: Not yet known
  • Fees: Not yet known
  • The implementation of online payment with an EBT card has been delayed. There is no confirmed date regarding when EBT payments will be accepted, according to a Dash’s Market customer service representative.


  • Pilot Status: Approved and accepting EBT for online ordering and delivery
  • Delivery Area: Bronx, NY zip codes 10454 and 10455
  • Minimum Purchase: $30
  • Payment Method: Order must be paid with EBT only. It cannot be split with credit, debit, or another form of payment.
  • Fees: No taxes, surcharge, or delivery fee
  • To learn more about Fresh Direct’s participation in this new pilot program, visit their website.

Hart’s Local Grocers

  • Pilot Status: Approved but not yet accepting EBT
  • Delivery Area: Not yet known
  • Minimum Purchase: Not yet known
  • Payment Method: Not yet known
  • Fees: Not yet known
  • Hart’s Local Grocers is working with New York State to implement a system to accept EBT cards for online ordering, but they are not currently set up to do so, per a Hart’s customer service representative. Hart’s hopes to be participating in the pilot sometime in 2019.

Hy-Vee, Inc.

  • Pilot Status: Approved but not yet accepting EBT
  • Delivery Area: Not yet known
  • Minimum Purchase: Not yet known
  • Payment Method: Not yet known
  • Fees: Not yet known
  • According to Hy-Vee’s website, they are currently unable to process EBT payments for online shopping.

Safeway, Inc.

  • Pilot Status: Approved but not yet accepting EBT
  • Delivery Area: Not yet known
  • Minimum Purchase: Not yet known
  • Payment Method: Not yet known
  • Fees: Not yet known
  • According to Safeway’s website, they are currently not accepting EBT payments for online orders.


  • Pilot Status: Approved and accepting EBT for online ordering
  • Delivery Area: Online shopping with in store pick-up is available at all ShopRite locations. However, online shopping with delivery varies by location. The following states have some ShopRite locations that do offer home delivery: Maryland, New Jersey, and New York
  • Minimum Purchase: No minimum purchase
  • Payment Method: For pick-up orders, choose a payment method when checking out online. Bring your EBT card and ID to the store for payment when you pick up your order. For delivery orders, you may pay online or choose pay on delivery. If you choose pay on delivery, you must be present when your order is delivered, and you must have your EBT card available so the payment may be processed.
  • Fees: Pick-up and delivery fees vary by store location. Find your local ShopRite store.

Walmart Stores, Inc.

  • Pilot Status: Approved and accepting EBT for online ordering and in-store pickup only, no delivery. Currently, only stores in participating zip codes are eligible to participate. The list of zip codes and participating stores is available on Walmart Grocery Help.
  • Delivery Area: No delivery.
  • Minimum Purchase: According to a Walmart customer service representative, the minimum purchase amount is $30
  • Payment Method: Enter your EBT card information upon checkout and make sure to bring your EBT card and your ID with you when you pick up your order in store.
  • Fees: Normal taxes will apply

Wright’s Markets, Inc.

  • Pilot Status: Approved but not yet accepting EBT
  • Delivery Area: Not yet known
  • Minimum Purchase: Not yet known
  • Payment Method: Not yet known
  • Fees: Not yet known
  • Wright’s Markets is not yet accepting EBT cards as a form of online payment, per a Wright’s Markets customer service representative. It is unknown when they will implement online ordering using EBT cards.

Stores That Accept EBT for Delivery Outside of Pilot Programs

In addition to the retailers who have been selected to participate in the EBT online ordering pilot, there are a few other retailers currently offering delivery for those paying with an EBT card. We’ve spoken with customer service representatives and visited the websites of the following retailers to create the list of stores that offer online EBT ordering for SNAP recipients.


  • Delivery Area: Albertsons offers grocery delivery in a variety of areas. To find out if your area is eligible for grocery delivery, you may search by zip code on their website.
  • Minimum Purchase: $49
  • Payment Method: While Albertsons typically does not accept EBT for grocery delivery, the exception to this rule is if you are a recipient of SNAP with a disability and live in Arizona. If you need to utilize Albertsons’ grocery delivery due to a disability and pay with your EBT card, you may do so by calling (877) 505-4040 or emailing deliverysupport@albertsons.com.
  • Fees: Regular home delivery is usually $9.95 for orders of $150 or more and $12.95 on orders under $150. Additional fees that vary, such as a fuel surcharge, may sometimes be applied.
  • Learn more about Albertsons grocery delivery services 

Fresh Madison Market


  • Delivery Area: There are multiple Schwan’s locations throughout the country that offer online EBT ordering and home delivery. To verify that your local Schwan’s is eligible for this service, call (888) 724-9267 and provide your zip code.
  • Minimum Purchase: No minimum order amount
  • Payment Method: To pay via EBT, place your order online and choose “deliver to my door.” Since there is no option to enter an EBT card during the online checkout process, you will need to have a credit card number on file with Schwan’s; however, the company will not charge your credit card when you place the order. Instead, when your Route Sales Representative delivers your order, you’ll need to present your EBT card to him or her. Schwan’s delivery trucks are equipped with pin pads to process credit, debit, and EBT transactions at the time of delivery. EBT is only available for home delivery orders; you cannot place a mail order and pay via EBT.
  • Fees: Orders of $49.99 or more receive free delivery. Orders under $49.99 will be assessed a delivery fee usually around $2 to $4.
  • Learn more about Schwan’s online ordering and delivery services

Stores That Do Not Accept EBT for Delivery

During our research, we discovered some stores that do not accept EBT for food delivery. Below, we’ve included the list of stores so you aren’t left wondering.

Blue Apron


  • Accepted payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal
  • Source: The HelloFresh website

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In Summary

Currently, grocery delivery for purchases made with an EBT card aren’t common, but the USDA is working on making delivery available at more stores. In 2016, the USDA implemented a pilot program intended to help disabled and elderly SNAP recipients by offering EBT food delivery services. The pilot ended in 2017 and a program based on the pilot hasn’t been implemented. The USDA also has a pilot program for online grocery ordering using EBT. Some of these retailers are already participating in this pilot with the others expected to begin participating sometime in 2019. While these retailers allow online ordering with an EBT card, only some offer delivery services. There are additional retailers outside of the pilot program who do offer delivery services and accept EBT as a payment method. These delivery services are usually restricted to specific areas and some have additional fees, such as delivery or online ordering fees.

If you don’t need delivery, check out our long list of grocery stores that accept EBT: Grocery Stores That Accept EBT/ Food Stamps/ SNAP: Local + Online. 

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