30 Grocery Stores That Accept EBT for Online Grocery Pickup

Many major grocery stores and supermarket chains allow customers to use EBT/SNAP cards for online grocery orders and pickup. However, it’s important to note that not all grocery stores and supermarkets that accept EBT in their stores allow you to pay for curbside pickup with an EBT card.

Below, we’ve compiled the list of stores that accept EBT for online grocery pickup, as well as any specific procedures that may be required. We also list which stores don’t take EBT for curbside service.

Stores That Accept EBT for Online Grocery Pickup

To compile the list of stores that take EBT for grocery pickup, we researched and contacted all of the stores we previously confirmed as accepting EBT for regular grocery purchases. Note that some stores only offer pickup at select locations. Additionally, some may require you to pay when you place the order, while others allow you to pay at the time of pickup.

Note that our list focuses solely on curbside pickup; check out our related research for a list of stores that accept EBT for grocery delivery.

The grocery stores that accept EBT for pickup include:

  • Acme Fresh Market[1]
  • Albertsons[2]
  • ALDI (Pickup available at select locations)[3]
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club[4]
  • Brookshire’s Food & Pharmacy (Pickup available at select locations)[5]
  • Dillons Food Stores (Pickup available at select locations)[6]
  • Fareway Stores (Pickup available, but you must pay in-store at the time of pickup when using EBT)[7]
  • Food 4 Less[8]
  • Food City[9]
  • Food Lion (Available at select locations; must order pickup through Instacart)[10]
  • Fred Meyer[11]
  • Fry’s Food Stores[12]
  • Giant Eagle (Pickup available, but you must pay in-store at the time of pickup when using EBT)[13]
  • Gordon Food Service[14]
  • Hannaford[15]
  • Harris Teeter[16]
  • H-E-B[17]
  • Hy-Vee (Accepts EBT for pickup at select locations)[18]
  • King Soopers (Pickup available at select locations)[19]
  • Kmart[20]
  • Kroger[21]
  • Lowes Foods (Pickup available, but you must pay in-store at the time of pickup when using EBT)[22]
  • Lucky’s Market[23]
  • Pay Less Super Markets[24]
  • Pick ‘n Save[25]
  • Piggly Wiggly (Available at select locations; must choose the “pay in store” option when ordering online)[26]
  • QFC[27]
  • Raley’s[28]
  • Ralphs[29]
  • Randalls (Accepts EBT for pickup at select locations; EBT is in-store only at most locations)[30]
  • Safeway (Only available in select states)[31]
  • ShopRite (Pickup available at select locations; must pay in-store at the time of pickup when using EBT)[32]
  • Smith’s Food and Drug[33]
  • Walmart[34]

Stores That Don’t Accept EBT for Grocery Pickup

In the course of our research, we found that the following grocery stores allow online grocery pickup, but they don’t accept EBT for these purchases:

  • 99 Ranch Market (Pickup available at select locations, but EBT is in-store only)[35]
  • Costco (Pickup available at select locations, but EBT is in-store only)[36]
  • El Super (Offers pickup through Instacart, which only accepts EBT for select retailers)[37]
  • Festival Foods[38]
  • Foodland (Offers pickup at select locations, but doesn’t take EBT for pickup)[39]
  • The Fresh Market[40]
  • Fresh Thyme (Offers pickup through Instacart, which only takes EBT for select other retailers)[41]
  • Giant Food[42]
  • Harps Foods[43]
  • Ingles Markets[44]
  • Jewel-Osco[45]
  • Market Basket[46]
  • Meijer[47]
  • Price Chopper[48]
  • Publix[49]
  • Sam’s Club (Pickup available at select locations, but EBT is in-store only)[50]
  • Save A Lot (Offers pickup through Instacart, which only accepts EBT for select retailers)[51]
  • Schnucks (Pickup available at select locations, but payments are processed through Instacart, which only accepts EBT for select stores)[52]
  • Shaw’s[53]
  • Sprouts Farmers Markets[54]
  • Stater Bros. Markets (Offers pickup through Instacard, which only allows EBT for select retailers)[55]
  • Stop & Shop[56]
  • Tom Thumb (Pickup available at select locations, but EBT is in-store only)[57]
  • Tops Friendly Market[58]
  • Vons (Pickup available at select locations, but EBT is in-store only)[59]
  • Wawa[60]
  • Wegmans[61]
  • Weis Markets (Pickup available at select locations, but EBT is in-store only)[62]
  • Whole Foods Market[63]
  • Winn-Dixie[64]

Additionally, the following stores do not have curbside pickup programs at the time of writing:

  • BI-LO[65]
  • Big Y[66]
  • Bravo Supermarkets[67]
  • Cash Saver[68]
  • Country Fair (Note: Country Fair doesn’t have a formal curbside-pickup program, but employees can bring out groceries to vehicles. EBT payments are in-store only.)[69]
  • Food Giant[70]
  • Grocery Outlet[71]
  • Harveys Supermarkets[72]
  • Lidl[73]
  • Smart & Final[74]
  • Trader Joe’s[75]
  • WinCo Foods[76]
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