Aaron’s Damage Policy Explained: Repairs, Replacements, etc

Furnishing your home with lease-to-own items allows you to have the furniture and other goods you need without paying for them all at once.

It's also helpful to know your leaseholder's damage policy in the event that you damage an item or experience an accident, theft, natural disaster, or other unexpected situation.

At Aaron's, the damage policy varies depending on the circumstances of the damage and whether any coverage is available for repairs or replacements.

Furniture from a rent-to-own store like Aaron's

The Aaron’s Limited Extended Warranty covers manufacturer defects and regular wear and tear on all leased items until 60 days after your final payment.[1][2]

An Aaron’s Club membership also offers additional coverage for certain types of damage.[3]

Below, I explain the Aaron’s damage policy, including warranty coverage, Aaron’s Club coverage, what to do if items are damaged at the time of delivery, and whether or not you can return damaged items.

Aaron’s Damage Policy

The Aaron’s damage policy varies by the severity of the damage and how the damage occurred.[1]

You may be eligible for a repair or replacement, but this will depend on the type of damage, whether warranty coverage is available, and whether you have an Aaron’s Club membership.[1]

I contacted corporate customer service representatives online and by phone to confirm the details of its policy.

Warranty Coverage

The Aaron’s Limited Extended Warranty covers manufacturer defects and normal wear and tear on leased items; it doesn’t cover accidental or deliberate damage.[1][2]

This warranty is free of charge and lasts until 60 days after you make the final payment.[1][2][4]

However, note that the warranty isn’t available for leases in North Carolina or Washington.[4]

To use the warranty, contact your local Aaron’s store. The manager will determine whether your item is eligible for repair or replacement and help you coordinate these services if so.[1][5]

Tip: Since store managers have the authority to decide when to offer repairs or replacements, it may be worth calling your local Aaron’s to see if it will offer you these services, even if the damage is minor or you don’t believe the warranty will cover it.[1][2]

Aaron’s Club Coverage

If you enrolled in the optional Aaron’s Club paid membership when leasing your item, it covers damage caused by fire, smoke, lightning, flood, windstorm, hail, and theft, except in the state of California.[3]

It doesn’t cover damage caused by customer misuse of items. It also doesn’t cover items if you’re behind on lease payments.[3][1]

Note that you must make claims within 90 days of the damage occurring.[3]

To make a claim, contact the Aaron’s that holds your lease. An associate will decide whether a repair or replacement is necessary.[1][5]

Items Delivered With Damage

If your item has any damage at the time of delivery, you should contact your local Aaron’s immediately.[4][1]

Generally, the store manager will have the item repaired or replaced, whether it’s new or pre-owned.[4][1]

The manager may also contact the delivery driver or request photos of the damage.[5]

Whether the store requires you to bring the item in or will deliver a replacement depends on the item, the local store’s policy, and the severity of the damage.[1][5]

Returning Damaged Items

While you can return most leased items to Aaron’s, it doesn’t generally accept returns for damaged items.[1][2]

Keep in mind, though, that this is at the discretion of each store manager. You local Aaron’s may be willing to accept returns if the damage is minor.[1]


Does Aaron’s sell any additional insurance or warranties?

No, the only option Aaron’s offers for additional coverage of leased items is Aaron’s Club.[1][2]

If you don’t have coverage, can you still pay Aaron’s to repair damaged items?

No, Aaron’s doesn’t repair items outside of its coverage.[1][2]

Can I stop paying if Aaron’s won’t repair my item?

No. If Aaron’s can’t replace or repair the item, you’ll need to work with the store to resolve the issue rather than stop your payments. If you don’t make payments, Aaron’s can send your account to collections, initiate a repossession, or take other legal action.[2] See more on the consequences of not paying Aaron’s.

Does an Aaron’s Club Membership offer other benefits besides damage coverage?

Yes, it also offers payment waivers in the event of unemployment, accident, or sickness, plus discounts on shopping, car rentals, health and wellness services, and more.[3]

How do you cancel your Aaron’s Club membership?

You can cancel an Aaron’s Club membership by contacting a store or using Aaron’s live chat feature.[1][2]

In Summary

Repair or replacement may be available for leased items from Aaron’s, though the damage policy varies by location and the item’s coverage.

The Aaron’s Limited Extended Warranty is complimentary at most locations (excluding North Carolina and Washington) and covers manufacturer defects and normal wear and tear of all leased items.[1][2]

Additionally, the optional Aaron’s Club membership covers damage caused by most natural disasters and theft.[3]

Aaron’s also works with customers to resolve items damaged during delivery, although it doesn’t typically accept returns for any other damaged items.[4][1][2]

Feel free to ask questions or leave your experiences with the Aaron’s damage policy in the comments section below.

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  • Julie

    I have a stain on my daughters bed and we are returning it. Will Aaron’s take it with a stain on it? We paid for the club they offered.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, Julie! Aaron’s Club does not cover damage from regular use — only qualifying events like floods, fires, or theft. For returns, Aaron’s typically requires that the item is in the same condition as when you received it, so it may not accept your mattress. You might want to contact your local store before attempting the return to discuss your options. Best of luck!

  • Rosa Mack

    Will Aaron’s fix cracked TV screen? My 75-inch I just leased is crack and I’m willing to pay for repairs if Aaron’s can fix it. Thanks in advance.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, Rosa! Aaron’s does provide repairs and service during the lease period. We have updated our article to clarify this. Services vary depending on whether your item is under warranty, when the damage occurred, and whether you are an Aaron’s Club member; you will need to contact your local store to discuss your options. Best of luck with your repair!

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