How Long Does It Take for Aaron’s to Repossess Items? Solved

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Short Answer — Once you miss a scheduled payment, Aaron’s will immediately begin the repo process. However, it may take up to two weeks for the repossessed item to be picked up. If you’re struggling to make payments, Aaron’s will work with you, but you’ll need to call the store before missing a payment.

How Long Does It Take for Aaron’s to Repossess Items?

Aaron’s begins the repossession process as soon as you miss a single payment. The company doesn’t have any information about repossessions on its website, so we contacted corporate and store-level customer service representatives to learn more about the repossession process at Aaron’s.

If you miss a payment, your local Aaron’s will contact you before repossessing the item(s), an Aaron’s corporate customer service representative said. If you’re having a hard time making payments or think you may miss a payment soon, you should contact your local store as soon as possible. Store management may be able to work with you if you reach out proactively.

When you lease an item from Aaron’s, you need to provide four personal references to be approved, said a store associate at the Aaron’s in Taramac, Fla. If Aaron’s is unable to get a hold of you after a missed payment, the store will reach out to your personal references. If Aaron’s can’t get in touch with you or your references within a week or two of the missed payment, collections agents may show up to pick up the item(s).

To explore your rent-to-own options or discuss your current lease, contact your local Aaron’s.

For more on the store policies at Aaron’s, see our research on its damage policy, plus whether you can go to jail for not paying Aaron’s.

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