Costco Vacuum Return Policy Explained

When buying essential appliances like vacuums, you expect your purchase to enhance your home -- but sometimes, you might end up with a defective vacuum or one that simply doesn't meet your expectations.

Knowing the store's return policy ahead of time can make you feel more confident about your purchase, and if you've already bought the vacuum, knowing the conditions for return can ensure that your transaction goes smoothly.

Costco is known for its flexible return policy, and you can return vacuums to Costco at any time, for any reason.

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The original packaging and receipt aren’t required when returning a vacuum at Costco, as long as you purchased the vacuum with your membership account.[1][2]

However, your return should include all of the vacuum’s pieces and accessories.[1][2]

Below, I explain Costco’s vacuum return policy, including requirements, how to make a return (in-store or online), and refunds.

Costco Vacuum Return Policy

Costco’s general return policy applies to vacuums. That means you can return a vacuum to Costco for any reason and at any time.[1][2][3]

This policy includes all vacuum cleaners, including Dyson, Shark, and robotic vacuums.[1][2]

Keep in mind that all returns are at the discretion of each warehouse manager. In other words, Costco can deny your return if you’re seeking a free replacement for a vacuum you bought several years ago and have used regularly.[1][2]

However, store associates assured me that Costco’s return policy is generous and will most likely accept vacuum returns meeting its requirements without issue.[1][2]

I confirmed this information by contacting Costco stores in California, Minnesota, and Virginia, as well as corporate customer service representatives.

Return Requirements

You can return a vacuum to Costco even if you opened the packaging, used the vacuum, or no longer have the box.[1][2][4]

However, you must provide all of the original pieces and accessories that came with the vacuum.[1][2]

A receipt is only required if you didn’t make the purchase with your Costco membership. If you did purchase the vacuum with your membership, a warehouse associate can look up the purchase, and a receipt isn’t required.[1][2]

Return Process

You can return vacuums purchased in-store or online at your nearest Costco store.[1][2][5]

You can only return in-store purchases at a Costco warehouse, while online orders are also eligible for returns by mail.[1][2][5]

In-Store Returns

You can return in-store and online purchases to any Costco location.[2][6]

Take the vacuum and your receipt or membership ID card to the Members Services counter. An associate will help you make a return or exchange.[2][6]

Tip: If you don’t have your receipt, you can save a bit of time by looking up your purchase in the Costco app. This way, you can provide proof of purchase rather than waiting for the associate to find it. The Costco app is available for iOS and Android devices and includes a digital copy of your membership card, along with your purchase history.[7]

Online Returns

To return a vacuum ordered online by mail, log in to your Costco account. Select “Orders & Returns” and find the vacuum in your purchase history.[8]

Next, tap “Return & Replace Items” beside the vacuum and follow the instructions to complete your return or replacement order.[8]

You’ll either receive a return label or schedule a pickup (if it’s eligible).[8]

Costco doesn’t charge for return shipping, and your refund will include any shipping and handling fees.[8]


Costco will usually refund online and in-store purchases to the original form of payment.[1][8]

However, you can request store credit for purchases made at a Costco warehouse as long as you’re a member.[1]


What if you need to return a vacuum you received as a gift?

Costco will try to look up the purchase using the name on the purchaser’s Costco account (the person who gave you the gift). If it can confirm the purchase, the warehouse manager will decide how to issue the refund.[1] Find out more about Costco’s gift return policy.

Is Costco’s refund policy for vacuum parts the same as for vacuums?

Yes, the return policy for items like vacuum bags, belts, and filters is the same as for vacuums. You can return these items as long as you have the receipt or a customer service representative can find the item(s) in your membership purchase history.[2]

If you exchange a vacuum, does Costco’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee cover the new vacuum too?

Yes, Costco’s guarantee would transfer to the new vacuum.[2]

In Summary

You can generally return any vacuum at any time and in any condition to Costco. However, you must have all parts and attachments, as well as proof of purchase (receipt or membership purchase history).[1][2][3]

Costco accepts returns for online and in-store purchases at any of its warehouses. In addition, you can return online orders through the mail.[1][2][5]

You’ll usually receive a refund to the original form of payment, although members can also request to receive store credit.[1][8]

The comments section below is open to any questions or comments you may have about returning a vacuum to Costco. It’s also a great place to share advice with others if you have experience with Costco returns.

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