Costco Return Policy: Vacuums

Short Answer: Vacuums can be returned to Costco at any time, for any reason. For more details on Costco’s vacuum return policy, see below.

Costco Return Policy: Vacuums

Costco’s general return policy applies to vacuums, a corporate customer service representative said. That means you can return a vacuum to Costco for any reason and at any time.

All vacuums, including Dyson models, can be returned — even if the packaging has been opened, the vacuum has been used, you no longer have the box, and/or you’ve lost the receipt (as previously reported). Just be sure to bring all of the pieces and accessories with you when making a return.

Costco may deny a return if the item needs replacing due to normal wear and tear. In other words, Costco can deny your return if you are seeking a free replacement for a vacuum you bought several years ago and have used regularly. However, Costco’s return policy is generous and will accept most returns without issue.

Costco will usually refund and in-store purchases to the original form of payment; however, you can request store credit for purchases made at a Costco warehouse if you prefer.

Vacuums purchased in-store or online can be taken to the returns counter at your nearest Costco. You can also return a vacuum ordered online by mail. Simply log in to your account or contact customer service by live chat or by calling (800) 955-2292 to begin the return process. Costco does not charge for return shipping and your refund will include any shipping and handling fees.

For vacuum warranty information, Costco’s website advises customers to contact customer service. And, if you received a vacuum from Costco as a gift and want to make a return, see our article for details on Costco’s gift return policy.

We confirmed this information by contacting Costco stores in California, Iowa, Virginia, and Wyoming.

In Summary

Costco accepts vacuum returns at any time and for any reason — even if the box is opened, the vacuum is used, you no longer have the box and/or you don’t have the receipt.

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