What Insurance Does Costco Pharmacy Accept? Medicaid? etc

Costco Pharmacy locations accept most insurance plans except Medicaid. Insurance plans accepted at Costco vary by region; Costco accepts the most common insurance plans in each area. Below, we have more details on what insurance plans are accepted at Costco, plus information on how to save on prescriptions at Costco Pharmacy.

What Insurance Does Costco Pharmacy Accept?

Costco Pharmacy locations offer prescription drug services and seasonal care like flu shots. The insurance plans accepted at each Costco Pharmacy vary by region, corporate customer service representatives said. The representatives said that insurance plans are typically regional, and Costco generally accepts the most common insurance plans in any given region.

We also called Costco Pharmacy locations in various states, including Arizona, Florida, Ohio, and New York. Pharmacy technicians confirmed that Costco accepts most major insurance plans, with the exception of Medicaid. When we asked Costco’s customer service department for a list of accepted insurance plans, we were told that Costco cannot solicit its contracted insurance companies. The only way to know if your local Costco Pharmacy accepts a particular insurance plan is to contact your nearest Costco Pharmacy directly.

What If I Don’t Have Insurance? How to Get Prescription Discounts at Costco

For Costco members without insurance, Costco offers a member prescription program, which offers discounts on many popular prescription medications. The prescription program is available to Costco members with no insurance and their dependents. Dependents are those under age 18 who are legally dependent on the member. Pets count as dependents in Costco’s program, so you can also get discounts on prescribed medicine for your pets!

Members may also enroll in the program if they have insurance, but their insurance plan doesn’t cover all of their prescriptions. Costco members with state or federally funded insurance programs, such as Medicare or Medicaid, are not eligible for the member prescription program.

There is no fee to enroll in the member prescription program if you are an existing Costco Warehouse member. If you are not a current Costco member, then you would need to purchase a membership before enrolling in the prescription program. (See our article on whether a Costco membership is worth the cost.) Costco’s member prescription program is not insurance and does not pay for or reimburse the cost of medication. Full payment is required at the time your prescription is picked up.

In Summary

Insurance plans accepted at Costco Pharmacy vary by region. Costco Pharmacy locations accept most major forms of insurance, with the exception of Medicaid. Costco members without insurance may enroll in Costco’s member prescription program to receive discounted pricing on prescription medications.

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    I am a Costco member and just ordered two pair of glasses. I was wondering if Medicare will pay a portion of this bill?