Can I Use CareCredit at Walmart? Answered

CareCredit is a credit card that caters strictly to health and wellness needs. Does Walmart accept CareCredit? Yes. CareCredit is accepted at 100% of Walmart Supercenters and Walmart Neighborhood Markets but can only be used for certain products and services such as prescriptions, eyeglasses, and over-the-counter medicine. CareCredit may not be used at Find out more about this credit card and how you can use it for health and wellness purchases at Walmart below.

How Does CareCredit Work?

CareCredit is accepted at over 200,000 providers nationwide and grants you the same convenience of monthly payments as any other credit card. The only distinction that separates it from the rest is its exclusivity towards health care services. From dentistry to vision and dermatology to hearing care, CareCredit allows you to compartmentalize your health spending. By extending your financing options, it helps you pay for your out-of-pocket expenses that medical insurance might not cover. Can’t pay for the remainder of your dental bill, for example? With CareCredit, you can manage your health-related finances by paying in installments.

One benefit of using CareCredit is that for health care purchases over $200, you don’t have to pay any interest as long as you pay off your full balance by the end of the promotional period. It is important to note, however, that if you do not pay off your balance by the end of your promotional period, interest will be charged to your account going back to the purchase date. CareCredit often carries a high interest rate, around 26 to 27%. So before making a big purchase with your CareCredit card, make sure you will be able to pay it off in time. Otherwise, you might end up paying even more than your original purchase or procedure cost. Check out the CareCredit FAQs for more information on financing options and standard annual percentage rates.

You can use CareCredit for yourself, your family members, and even your pets. (See our article on using CareCredit at Petco and PetSmart.) Upon credit approval, you can use it over and over as long as you have available credit. No reapplication is required as long as you maintain your credit standing and credit availability.

Can You Use CareCredit at Walmart?

Walmart now accepts CareCredit for a broader range of purchases than it once did, as announced on CareCredit’s website and confirmed by customer service representatives. Previously, CareCredit could only be used at some Walmart Vision Centers and not at its pharmacies or for other purchases. Walmart now accepts CareCredit for services and products including:

You can use CareCredit at any register in the store, not just in the health and wellness departments. If your order includes both qualifying and non-qualifying items, you can split your transaction by swiping your CareCredit card first, a CareCredit representative and CareCredit’s FAQ explain. CareCredit will automatically apply to only the qualifying items, and you can then use a different payment method for the rest of your order. If you have any trouble using your CareCredit card at Walmart, CareCredit recommends contacting its customer service department at (866) 893-7864 for assistance.

Most Walmart purchases with CareCredit don’t qualify for the card’s promotional financing offers, so interest will accrue on your purchases immediately if you don’t pay off your full balance on or before the due date of your monthly payment. Some Walmart vision centers owned by National Vision, Inc. do offer CareCredit promotional financing; you’ll need to check with your local Walmart Vision Center for its current offers.

Walmart accepts CareCredit for qualifying purchases at all of its store locations, including Walmart Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets. You cannot use CareCredit at, Walmart and CareCredit customer service representatives confirm.

In Summary

Does Walmart accept care CareCredit? Yes, on qualifying health and wellness items and at its pharmacies and vision centers. Only some Walmart Vision Centers offer promotional financing through CareCredit; all other CareCredit purchases at Walmart accrue interest under the standard terms of the cardholder agreement.

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