What Happens If You Unplug Progressive Snapshot? Answered

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Short Answer — If you unplug Progressive Snapshot for a short time, you will be able to plug it back in and continue collecting data. However, if you leave it unplugged for too long or don’t plug it back in, you might pay a surcharge or fail to transmit enough data to receive the maximum discount.

What Happens If You Unplug a Progressive Snapshot Device?

The Progressive Snapshot device plugs into your car’s on-board diagnostic (OBD) port, and the company recommends leaving it plugged in for the full data collection period.[1]

However, there may be a time during the data collection period when you need or want to unplug the device.

A mechanic or emissions technician may need to unplug it to do a diagnostic check,[2] or you may just want to pause data collection temporarily (or end it altogether). The device may also become unplugged accidentally.

We consulted the Progressive website and spoke with customer service to find out what you can do when you need to unplug your Snapshot device, either temporarily or permanently.

Unplugging Temporarily

When you unplug the Snapshot device for a brief period of time — for an emissions check, a quick trip, etc. — Progressive will be alerted to the gap in data transmission, and will likely send you an email notifying you that it is no longer receiving data on your driving habits.[3]

If you don’t plug it back in after being contacted by Progressive, you will automatically be removed from the Snapshot program. If there are frequent gaps in data transmission due to the device being unplugged, you risk losing your potential discount.[4]

Customer service representatives were not able to provide an exact number of times that the company will allow the device to be unplugged before terminating your participation in the program.[4]

Note: If you use the Snapshot mobile app instead of the plug-in device, you can pause the app temporarily and resume service if needed with no immediate penalties.[5] You may want to pause the app during international travel, for example.

Opting Out Early

During the data collection period, if you would like to opt out of the program altogether, you should contact Progressive before unplugging the device. A representative will let you know when to unplug it and how to return the device to Progressive.[6][5]

If you simply unplug the device early and don’t plug it back in, Progressive will calculate your insurance rate based on the data that was transmitted up to that point. This may help or hurt your current rate, depending on the driving habits the device captured.

Keep in mind, you may have to pay a surcharge for unplugging or deleting the app more than 45 days into the program. If you fail to return the device, you’ll also be charged a $50 fee.[5]

If you’re participating in the 30-day Snapshot Test Drive program, you can unplug the device or decline a policy with Progressive at any time during the trial period with no penalty.[7]

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