What Happens If You Unplug Progressive Snapshot? Answered

What happens if you unplug Progressive Snapshot? If you unplug the Progressive Snapshot device during the data collection period, your insurance rate will be based on the data Progressive received up until that point. You may also be subject to a surcharge if you opt out more than 45 days into the program. For more information, see below.

What Happens If You Unplug Progressive Snapshot

If you’re using the plug-in device and you want to stop data collection, you just unplug the device, right? Wrong. We spoke with Progressive customer service to provide you with the correct way to end data collection and more.

Unplugging the Device or Deleting the App

When you unplug the Snapshot device — or delete the app — during the collection period, Progressive will contact you to let you know that it is no longer receiving data on your driving habits. At this time, you can let a customer service representative know that you would either like to continue or stop the program. If you do not plug it back in after being contacted by Progressive, you will automatically be removed from the Snapshot program.

During the six-month period, if you would like to opt out of the program, you should contact Progressive first, before unplugging the device. A representative will let you know when to unplug it and how to return the device to Progressive.

Rates and Fees

If you unplug the device early, Progressive will calculate your insurance rate based on the data that was transmitted up to that point. This may help or hurt your current rate, depending on the driving habits Snapshot captured. Keep in mind, you may have to pay a surcharge for unplugging early if you opt out more than 45 days into the program. If you fail to return the device, you’ll also be charged a $50 fee.

If you are participating in the 30-day Snapshot trial, you can unplug the device or decline a policy with Progressive at any time with no penalty.

How Progressive Snapshot Works

Progressive Snapshot is a program the insurance company uses to record your driving data and base your insurance rate on your driving habits.

How to Sign Up

If you are an existing Progressive customer, you can enroll in Snapshot by calling customer service at 877-776-4266. If you are a new Progressive customer, you can opt to enroll in Snapshot when you purchase a policy online. There is also a 30-day trial option for those considering a switch to Progressive from another insurance carrier.

Once enrolled, you’ll have the option to use the Progressive Snapshot mobile app or a plug-in device. Both the mobile app and the plug-in device are capable of collecting and sending data on your driving habits to Progressive.

How the Plug-In Device Works

If you opt for the plug-in device, Progressive will mail it to you and you will need to install it in your vehicle. You can look up Snapshot installation instructions for your make and model on Progressive’s website. The data collection period is typically six months. After that time, Progressive will send you a mailing label to return the device.

How the Mobile App Works

If you decide to use the Snapshot mobile app, you’ll need to download it and register to use it. You do not have to open the app every time you drive; the app tracks movement at a certain speed and distance to determine when you are driving. The mobile app will send data on your driving habits to Progressive. After the collection period — which is typically six months — the app will stop tracking. At this point, you can also delete the app.

Data Collection

Progressive Snapshot collects data on your driving habits in order to reward you for safe driving. The information is electronically transmitted to Progressive. When you enroll, you can set up an online account, which will allow you to view your collected data. The plug-in device and mobile app collect the following information:

  • Hard braking and/or rapid acceleration
  • How often you drive
  • What time of day you drive (It is specifically tracking to see if you typically drive between midnight and 4 a.m.)
  • How many miles you drive (It is specifically tracking to see if you drive more than 50 miles per day.)
  • Location data (for research purposes)

The Result

At the end of the collection period, Progressive will analyze the data to determine if you are a safe driver — or a more aggressive driver. As a result, the cost of your insurance policy may decrease — or it may increase. Progressive says the Snapshot program rewards the average driver with a $130 discount, plus a discount for signing up.

In Summary

Now you know what happens if you unplug Progressive Snapshot.

The Progressive Snapshot program records your driving data and uses it to determine your insurance rate. Snapshot specifically logs hard braking, rapid acceleration, how often you drive, when you drive, and how many miles you drive. During the collection period, you can opt out of Snapshot at any time, but you might be subject to a surcharge if you opt out more than 45 days into the program. If you unplug the Snapshot device from your vehicle early, Progressive will analyze your driving habits based on the data it received up to that point. This may result in a decrease or increase in your insurance rate. For more on car insurance, see our articles: Very Cheap Car Insurance with No Deposit — Does It Exist? and Online Car Insurance Quotes: The Best Comparison Sites.

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