When Does Brandy Melville Have Sales? Black Friday? Answered

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Short Answer — Brandy Melville offers several sale events throughout the year, but doesn’t advertise the dates of its sales far in advance. The brand’s largest sale events are its cash-only warehouse sales, where items run between $5 and $15.

When Does Brandy Melville Have Sales?

Brandy Melville has sales in stores and online; however, sales are rare.[1]

Brandy Melville’s sales include large warehouse sales and the occasional holiday sale, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. But the retailer doesn’t advertise its sales far in advance.[2]

We contacted Brandy Melville’s corporate customer service department and a few of its U.S. store locations but were told that Brandy Melville cannot provide any information about upcoming sales or discounts.

Brandy Melville’s Best Sales

In the past, Brandy Melville has hosted large warehouse sales at expo centers or similar warehouse-style venues.

These sales happen in different locations a couple of times each year and typically offer the lowest prices you will find for Brandy Melville clothing; all merchandise is priced at $5, $10, or $15, whereas holiday sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday usually offer 10% to 20% off.[2]

Warehouse sales are two- to three-day events, announced on short notice on the brand’s social media pages.[2]

Entry is free, but you will want to bring cash, as the warehouse sales are usually cash only. It is also best to arrive early, as these sale events can form long lines.[2]

Previous sale locations have included California, Massachusetts, and New York. Representatives were unable to tell us where any upcoming sales would be located.[2]

How to Be Notified of Brandy Melville Sales

When Brandy Melville schedules sale events, it typically publishes dates and locations on the brand’s Facebook page and Instagram account less than a week before the sale begins.

To be the first to know about Brandy Melville sales, you’ll want to follow the brand on social media.[2]

The secrecy surrounding sales dates and locations appears to be by design. Brandy Melville doesn’t advertise at all; the brand’s popularity is largely due to word-of-mouth and its thriving social media presence.

Other Ways to Save on Brandy Melville

There are a couple of additional ways to save on Brandy Melville clothing.

Brandy Melville stores host discount shopping events for sororities and student organizations.

You may be able to save by purchasing Brandy Melville through a third-party retail partner. Select Pacsun and Nordstrom stores carry Brandy Meville products.

These stores may occasionally offer discounts on Brandy Melville products when they hold sale events. However, keep in mind that not all sale events will include Brandy Melville products; check with your local store for exclusions at the time of the sale.

You can also find Brandy Melville clothes at lower prices through resale and consignment stores like Plato’s Closet and Poshmark.

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