When Does Brandy Melville Have Sales? Black Friday? Answered

Brandy Melville’s biggest sale events are its warehouse sales. Warehouse sales are held around the country in expo centers or similar warehouse-style venues. All merchandise is priced between $5 and $15; warehouse sales are cash only.

Brandy Melville doesn’t advertise the dates of its warehouse sales — or other sale events like Black Friday — far in advance. To find out about the next sale, you’ll want to follow Brandy Melville on social media. Here’s what else you need to know.

When Does Brandy Melville Have Sales?

Brandy Melville, a popular women’s Italian clothing and fashion accessories brand, has sales, including large warehouse sales and the occasional Black Friday sale. But the retailer doesn’t advertise its sales far in advance. In fact, when we contacted Brandy Melville’s corporate customer service department and a few of its U.S. store locations, we were told that Brandy Melville does not have any information about upcoming sales or discounts.

When sale events are scheduled, dates and locations are typically published on Brandy Melville’s Facebook page and Instagram account. To be the first to know about Brandy Melville sales, you’ll want to follow the brand on social media.

In the past, Brandy Melville has hosted large warehouse sales at expo centers or similar warehouse-style venues. Warehouse sales are typically two-day events where all merchandise is priced at $5, $10, and $15. Warehouse sales are usually cash only.

The secrecy surrounding sales dates and locations appears to be by design. Brandy Melville doesn’t advertise at all; the brand’s popularity is largely due to word-of-mouth and a thriving social media presence.

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In Summary

Brandy Melville does have sales but it doesn’t advertise them far in advance. Its biggest sale events are its warehouse sales. For the latest sale information, follow Brandy Melville on social media.

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