Walmart DVD Return Policy, Blu-ray Movie Return Policy Explained

Short Answer: Walmart accepts returns of unopened DVDs and Blu-rays within 90 days of purchase. Only defective DVDs and Blu-rays can be returned once opened. You may need to show your receipt for a movie return, but if you paid with a debit or credit card, the store might be able to look up your purchase. Below, we have more details on the Walmart movie return policy.

Walmart DVD Return Policy Explained

You can return movies bought in-store or online from Walmart to any Walmart location within 90 days of purchase. The policy is the same for DVDs and Blu-rays. (Returns are not available for Walmart-Vudu Video On Demand movie rentals or purchases; all Vudu sales are final.)

The Walmart movie return policy is listed online. To confirm this information, we called Walmart’s corporate customer service department and stores in Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, and Oregon.

DVD Return Requirements

Movies should be unopened unless they are defective; if the disc is scratched, broken, or doesn’t play, it can be returned or exchanged when opened as long as it’s in its original packaging. (For more information on returning opened items to Walmart, see our article.)

Store associates added that you’ll need to show your original receipt to return a defective DVD, but Walmart doesn’t require a receipt for all movie returns. Some stores may even be able to look up your purchase if you paid with a debit or credit card.

If you don’t have your receipt and the store is unable to look it up, you will need to show a valid, government-issued photo ID at the time of return. See our dedicated article for more information on Walmart returns without the receipt.

Keep in mind that return policies can vary slightly by location at the discretion of the store manager; one of the six stores we contacted said it would not accept DVD or Blu-ray returns without a receipt, even if unopened. Additionally, Walmart may deny non-receipted returns worth over $50, especially if you originally paid in cash.

How to Make a Return

See our articles on the Walmart return hours and Walmart’s full return policy for more details on how to return movies at Walmart.

For specific information on returning items from third-party marketplace sellers, see our article on Walmart’s clothing return policy; the same policy applies to clothes, movies, and other Walmart items. And, if you purchased a movie on clearance, see our article on Walmart’s clearance return policy.


With a receipt, your refund will be issued to the original form of payment. Returns accepted without a receipt may be refunded in cash or via store credit; typically, if the value of the return is over $25, you will receive store credit.